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Take a shower rather than a bath: what is the proportion of savings made ?

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Whether for ecological or economic reasons, reducing water consumption is something absolutely essential in our time. We will all remember that this summer, water restrictions were put in place due to the numerous droughts and the lack of rain, having in fact failed to fill the water tables.

Thus, certain simple gestures are nevertheless essential, such as not letting the water run while you brush your teeth. But if you want to make substantial savings, especially if you are part of a large family, it is by avoiding taking baths in favor of showers that everything comes into play.

How many liters of water per minute during a shower?

By favoring showers rather than baths, you will logically save money, knowing that the capacity of a bathtub is on average between 150 and 300 liters. Obviously, if you take 30 minute showers, you will end up consuming more water than if you had taken a bath.

Knowing that the average time spent in the shower is 8 minutes in the United States according to the Environmental Protection Agency, you will obviously need to reduce your time in the shower for 5 minutes maximum.

Indeed, a shower consumes about 20 liters of water per minute, and a simple calculation suggests that, if you have a 150 liter bathtub, you will save money by taking showers lasting less than 7.5 minutes.

How much do you save by taking showers?

By carrying out a calculation considering a family of 4 who would take a bath per day using 150 liters of water each time, this makes 600 liters of water per day 365 days per year, and therefore 219,000 liters of water overall.

Let's imagine that this family decides to reduce their water consumption by each taking a 6-minute shower instead of a bath, which would give an average annual consumption of 175,200 liters of water.

As you will have understood, this saves this household no less than 43 800 liters of water. This is not the content of an Olympic swimming pool, but still represents the equivalent of 292 bathtubs!

Financially speaking, how much does that represent ?

By saving so much water, you can imagine that the financial savings are also massive. The “Panorama of the organization of drinking water and sanitation services and their performance” published in 2023 tells us that on average, French households spent ~60% >520.80 euros to pay their water bill. On average once again, the cubic meter of water is at a price of 4.34 euros including tax.

Taking this price into account, our family of 4 taking daily baths would pay 950.46 euros per year just for bathroom consumption. By going to the shower, the family would have a bill amounting to 760.36 euros, therefore saving no less than 190.10 euros! If you are not convinced by the benefits of the transition, there is nothing more we can do for you. Of course, nothing prevents you from taking a little relaxing bath from time to time, but in moderation.

We can only advise you to install this shower head which also greatly saves the water used during your showers, and thus lowers your bill even further.

  • We know that taking a shower rather than a bath saves money, but to what extent ?
  • If we take the’ #8217;example of a family of 4 who would take a 6 minute shower rather than a 150 liter bath, this represents a saving of 43 cubic meters of water per year.
  • With a price of 4.34 euros per cubic meter on average in France, this represents no less than 190.10 euros in savings per year on the bill of water.

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