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Take advantage now of this PS5 pack with three essential games at low prices


Here we are already halfway through the month of May. Things will start to pick up in the video game industry with the Summer Game Fest period fast approaching. The conferences will follow one another to reveal to us the future of Gaming with the next games to come. Now might be the perfect time to invest in a new console.

That's good, at the moment, FNAC is offering you a very nice offer with a PS5 pack including the Slim console in standard edition, as well as the Spider-Man 2, Hogwarts Legacy and Stray games. All offered at only , a very nice discount of -17% allowing you to save 120 euros on your purchase. Now is the time to take advantage!

FNAC treats us with this PS5 pack including three games at a reduced price. To take advantage of the offer, click here:

As always, FNAC offers us a multitude of advantages, particularly on delivery. Your PS5 pack can be shipped to the address of your choice, completely free of charge, anywhere in France, in just three working days. If you don't want to wait, it will even be possible to have your pack delivered to an FNAC store, to collect it for free the day after your order.

FNAC offers you a 14-day withdrawal period, allowing you to return your console if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Finally, your PS5 comes with its two-year manufacturer's warranty allowing you to have peace of mind and be protected against the slightest design concerns.

The low-cost PS5 with three games

If you haven't yet fallen for the PS5, now may be the ideal time to take the plunge. Indeed, FNAC offers you a very nice offer with this pack including the console, a controller and three games that marked the year 2023.

The PS5 is Sony's latest console, offering one of the best gaming experiences to date, with a console allowing you to play in 4K, up to 120FPS (subject to &#8217 ;be equipped with a compatible television), with Ray Tracing, HDR and VRR. Without forgetting a complete and varied catalog of games.

This PS5 Slim is equipped with AMD Zen 2 8-core and AMD RDNA 2 36 CUS CPU and GPU with a power of 10.28 TFLOPS. These are the same features as the normal PS5. You also have a powerful 1TB SSD, allowing you to put an end to loading times, while having a powerful and fluid console. Thanks to its storage capacity, you will be able to install many games on your console.

On the technical side, as mentioned previously, this PS5 is compatible with HDR as well as VRR technology (variable refresh rate) which prevents tearing of the screen. Thus, your games have the right to a sharper rendering while being even more fluid, without suffering any loss of FPS during your movements and your movements.

With the PS5, you have access to thousands of games. Firstly thanks to the backward compatibility of the console, allowing you to play all of your PS4 games. At another time, it will be possible to subscribe to PS Plus (a subscription service, without commitment from PlayStation) which will allow you unlimited access (and at no additional cost) to more than 700 games on PS1, PS2 , PS3, PSP or even PS VITA. Depending on the titles, you will have the choice between playing via the Cloud (provided you have a very good internet connection), or downloading and installing them on your PS5 to play them in good conditions.

Of course, this PS5 pack includes a PS5 DualSense controller which alone represents the new generation. Thanks to the famous haptic feedback, you will discover new vibrations, for unprecedented immersion in your games. You will also taste the joys of adaptive triggers, which will allow you to access new gameplay features never before seen. For example, in shooting games like Call of Duty where you will feel the feedback from your weapons. In racing games like Gran Turismo or F1 23 where you will feel the braking power of your vehicles. And finally, in sports games, you will feel the fatigue of your players. The controller also offers you total immersion thanks to 3D audio, which allows you to hear sounds in all directions. You also have a touchpad, a microphone output and speakers as was already the case on the DualShock 4 of the PS4.

With this pack, FNAC offers you three games. Spider-Man 2 is the latest big exclusive featuring Spider-Man in a New York city that is more realistic than ever. Prepare to face the biggest villains of the saga as you wander freely through a gigantic city.
Concerning Hogwarts Legacy, the game will immerse you in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, a hundred years before the journey of Harry, Ron and Hermione. However, prepare to discover Hogwarts and its surroundings to put an end to a Goblin revolution which threatens the wizarding world. Finally, with Stray, you play a cat in a futuristic world with a touching story that tries to bring a little happiness to a world that is far too dark.

Play anywhere you want with your PS5 thanks to PS Portal (not included) which allows you to play anywhere in the world with remote play. Discover a new way to play with PlayStation VR2, giving you access to virtual reality.

The PS5 is the perfect console for playing a multitude of games. But that's not all. The console is much more than that, a real entertainment HUB allowing you to watch your favorite films, series and documentaries on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ or even AppleTV+. You will be able to listen to your favorite music and podcasts on AppleMusic or Spotify. And even follow your creators on YouTube and Twitch.

At the moment, FNAC is treating us with this -17% offer on this PS5 pack and its three games. The opportunity to save 120 euros on your purchase with a console offered at . Don't wait any longer!

FNAC treats us with this PS5 pack including three games at a reduced price. To take advantage of the offer, click here:

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