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Taylor Swift and Elon Musk are very angry with an Internet user, they are trying to remove him from the web

But what could possibly push Taylor Swift and Elon Musk &agrave? wanting the skin of a simple student on the Internet?

While everything seems to oppose them, the singer Taylor Swift and the entrepreneur Elon Musk seem to agree on a specific motivation: to bring down an Internet user named Jack Sweeney. The two personalities have indeed seemed for several weeks to want to move forward. at any cost, close the accounts of this Internet user who could be described as a “lambda”, even if it means that go through justice. According to the Washington Post, Taylor Swift's lawyer recently sent a letter of appeal à Jack Sweeney, arguing that his operations "cause direct and irreparable harm, both physical and emotional" à the star. In the letter addressed to Sweeney, it is thus ordered to himé to stop any pursuing and harassing behavior under penalty of receiving legal action from the celebrities concerned  eacute;es.

The young man of around twenty years old, still a student in Florida, also provoked the ire of Elon Musk. The account of Jack Sweeney(@Jxck_Sweeney) has also been deleted. once banned from Twitter, now "X" since the acquisition of Musk à billions of dollars. The boss of Tesla and SpaceX even recently made a contribution. his support à Taylor Swift, believing in early February that Jack Sweeney is a horrible person and that “Taylor Swift is right to be concerned”.

Why so much hatred ? Maybe because the young man is not that unknown on the internet. The latter specialized in in a very specific and quite incongruous field: tracing private plane flights on the Web to provide precise data on the movements of the latter. Like the @laviondebernard account in France, which recently appeared on Twitter, the chronicle by pointing out on Instagram the movements of the billionaire Bernard Arnault, Jack Sweeney developedé a robot capable of tracking private jets Russian oligarchs, but also those of Musk and Swift. Enough to observe that the latter regularly make ridiculously short journeys at long distances. on board their jets, with totally excessive pollution per kilometer.

Interrogated on the subject, Jack Sweeney has already announced that his publications on social networks had the sole aim of warning about the ultra-polluting activities of billionaires. And he seems serene, even when two personalities as rich and influential as Taylor Swift and Elon Musk are at home. its kits: nothing guarantees that a complaint will result in its activities.

All information concerning private jet flights is accessible to the general public, and Jack Sweeney only centralizes it on his platforms and social networks.  The activist continues to post today on multiple platforms like Threads, Facebook or Instagram.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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