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Teacher attacked with a knife in Maine-et-Loire: how the massacre was avoided

À the outcome of custody à view of the suspect, âgé aged 18, the prosecutor of the Republic of Angers, Éric Bouillard, held a press conference this Wednesday, May 29 on the affair of the professor attacked with a knife in Maine-et-Loire.

The worst seems to have happened; lives. Wednesday May 29, the prosecutor of the Republic of Angers provided an update on the case of the knife attack on a professor, which occurred at the ' nbsp;lycée de l'Hyrôme à Chemillé-en-Anjou, in Maine-et-Loire, Monday morning. While the guard &agrav; view of the main suspect, an 18-year-old high school student in the establishment, had just been lifted,   Éric Bouillard held a press conference during from which he notably returned to the confidences of the young adult to the investigators. Announcing that it has been released. indicted for three assassination attempts, one for the teacher, but also two others concerning students, the prosecutor indicated that the high school student "claims an intention to kill" and specifies “that this was the way for him to put an end to the crime.” a pressure he felt. The young man was also arrested. indicted for 'introduction of a weapon into an &etablishment", specified Éric Bouillard.

According to the public prosecutor, the high school student had "never beené signal &agrav; judicial authority. If his behavior guards à view was é judged "at times particular, a little weird" by investigators, some even suspecting "psychological disorders" – a psychiatric assessment must be carried out as part of the judicial investigation – the premeditation of the act seems to have been confirmed. e. "He intended to go after her. a teacher, indicatedé the prosecutor, adding that the targeted professor was not, however, precisely targeted. The young man, however, delivered; investigators a list of teachers he "likes" and &agrav; who he wouldn't have taken. And added: "She, it's not that he didn't love her. She was [just] not one of the people he would have excluded from his intention anyway. Revealing that the high school student had two knives with him on the day of the attack, one used on him. and abandoned in the class when he fled, the other found himself in his bag, Éric Bouillard also reportedé that the young man had confided to the investigators not having ruled out attacking other people, "including students". 

What happened? Monday morning at the Lyc&eac;e de l'Hyrôme ?

À On the occasion of his press conference, the prosecutor of the Republic of Angers returned to the facts. Monday May 27, the professor who was initially supposed to give the first class of the day being absent, the high school student did not finally have his first hour of class until '' ;agrave; 9:45 a.m., with the English teacher. He waited until everyone was seated and the door was closed before moving on. action, around 9:55 a.m. He then took one of his knives and attacked her. in his teacher's face. The teacher and the other students have, at the same time, At that time, triedé to protect each other. "This overall movement of the other students and the teacher will allow the other students to put themselves into action. safety in the corridor", saidé the prosecutor. The suspect nevertheless tried to kill him. to attack two students when they went out into the corridor. Blows dodged by one, countered by others. using a chair by the second student. The high school student would also have been himself visé &agrav; "six or eight times" by the other students, before finally fleeing through a window. His report having been received "quickly disseminated", he was able to be arrested; immediately, "in the station area". 

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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