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Tech J-1 Advent Calendar: the Backbone controller, to transform your head the phone into a portable console

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Did you know that mobile games represented more than half of the video game market? And this statistic is likely to continue to grow. Smartphone manufacturers have understood this and are improving their flagship models so that they meet gamers' expectations.

If Candy Crush or Angry Birds have long been among the benchmark games, consumers are increasingly turning to more advanced games. As proof, Resident Evil Village is coming to iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max at the end of the year.

Obviously, the pleasure of playing on a touch screen is not the same. For years, accessories manufacturers have been offering solutions to transform your smartphone into a portable console. But for a few months now, a controller model has enjoyed dazzling success: the Backbone One.

Backbone One: the perfect controller for your smartphone

Available in USB-C or Lightning version, the Backbone One takes the concept of the Nintendo Switch. We slide the phone into the middle of the accessory so that the directional keys are on the left and the action buttons on the right of the screen. Triggers are positioned on the upper sides, perfect for FPS enthusiasts.

If the Backbone One controller is so popular, it's because its design is impeccable.Compact and foldable, it can be easily carried in your bag. Molded in a well-made plastic, it is also robust and therefore resists the hazards of everyday life.

Its handling is excellent, in particular thanks to an asymmetrical positioning of the joysticks , like on an Xbox controller for example. A USB-C (or Lightning) port also allows you to recharge the phone while continuing to play. Well seen.

Above all, the Backbone One comes with the Backbone+ applicationwhich automatically groups all the games installed on your phone into a carousel. The application interface is simple and ergonomic with intuitive menus and an attractive graphic charter.

Backbone+ also provides direct access to Xbox Cloud Gaming, the gaming solution distance proposed by Xbox. You can therefore play games installed on your Xbox console or on your PC, provided of course that you have subscribed to an Xbox Game Pass offer.

Price of the Backbone One

The Backbone One is available in two colors (black or white) and is available in two versions: USB-C for Android smartphones and the latest iPhone 15, and Lightning for previous generations of iPhone.

It is priced at 119.99 euros. A price that some will undoubtedly consider high for a controller. But, take our word for it, the smartphone gaming experience has never been better than since the invention of this controller.

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