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Teddy Riner, Kylian Mbappé or Antoine Dupont ? Here is the ideal French standard bearer for the Paris Olympics

EXCLUSIVE SURVEY. In a YouGov survey carried out for Linternaute.com, the French have shared the giants of French sport and designated their standard bearer for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. With a very clear result…

À a few months before the start of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, several questions remain unanswered and one of them concerns the very prestigious role of the carrier flag of the French delegation, the athlete who will lead the French team during of the opening ceremony on July 26. In an exclusive survey carried out by our partner YouGov on a sample of 1030 people representative of the French population (18+) between March 1 and 4, 2024 *, it is Teddy Riner who wins the support of the public with a very clear result: more than a quarter of surveyed (27.4%) would like to see him at the head of the French delegation. A new plebiscite for the judoka with an impressive record since he comes in first position among both women and men, with 27 and 28% of the votes respectively .

Among the following list of French athletes, which one(s) would you like to see, or not, as standard bearers for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games? Please select up to '  3 answers.

Already flag bearer during the Rio Olympics in 2016, Teddy Riner had broken his the curse of the standard bearer by being sacred Olympic champion for the second time in his career in the 100+ kilos category. In total, Teddy Riner woné five Olympic medals (gold in 2012 and 2016 and two bronze medals 2008 and 2021 individually and one more gold with the team of France), which makes the colossus, measuring over 2m, one of the most decorated athletes in the history of the Olympic Games. À to that you can add 11 world championship titles.

Kylian Mbappé, the favorite of 18/24 year olds

As with the last Olympic Games, there will be a woman and a man in front of the French team during the opening ceremony. But male athletes make up the lion's share in our survey. Just behind Teddy Riner, we find the captain of the French football team, Kylian Mbapp. The world champion recorded 19.18% of the votes of the French people surveyed, but above all received enormous support from the age group of 18/24 year olds in our survey with 37%, or 4 points more than Teddy Riner in this segment. Be careful, it is obviously necessary to specify that the PSG striker is not certain of participating in the Olympics because he will need the agreement of his future club , but above all it is necessary that Thierry Henry, who is only entitled to three players over the age of 23, select them.

Among the following list of French athletes, which one(s) would you like to see, or not, as standard bearers for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games? Please select up to '  3 answers (18-24 years old).

The South West behind Antoine Dupont!

In third position, we find another star of a team sport: the valiant captain of the French XV during the last Rugby World Cup Antoine Dupont. With 16%, those who prepare for the rugby tournament at home 7 of the Olympic Games is clearly envisaged; as standard bearer of the French delegation. Fun detail: if we look in detail at the details of the votes, the South West region largely supported the half-player. ;lée. With 26% in this geographical area, he is the second choice behind Teddy Riner. Not really surprising for the native of Hautes-Pyrénées given the large community there. rugby of the region.  In comparison, only 12% of people in the Paris region voted. for Antoine Dupont.

The Stade Toulousain player launched into the game. a colossal challenge to realize your Olympic dream by leaving the French XV and joining the French rugby team ; 7, the only Olympic discipline in its sport. If at the moment it is not yet assured; &agrav; 100% to participate in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Antoine Dupont won his first tournament at the end of February 7 with the French team, & Los Angeles. 

Clarisse Agbegnenou and Pauline Ferrand Prévot favored among women

Concerning the female athlete elected by the French to become France's standard bearer, judo is still to be seen. the honor with a large lead from Clarisse Agbegnenou. If we refer to our survey with YouGov, she received 8.15% of the votes. Already flag bearer during the Tokyo Olympics, the judokate should not however do the double; for the Paris Olympics. Our survey, which places many male athletes in the first positions, still places Pauline F&rrand Prévot as the second choice for the flag bearer female with 3.31% of the votes ahead of Mélina Robert Michon, Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos and Allison Pineau.

The cyclist, perhaps less well known than Clarisse Agbegnenou, nevertheless has an impressive track record. World road champion in 2014, she is above all a five-time cross-country mountain bike world champion and is applying à a gold medal for the Paris Olympics, a title he missed after finishing the Olympic Games. 36th à London, abandoned &agrav; Rio and finished 10th &agrav; Tokyo.

Huge favorites for the gold medal and a surprise

In our survey, à the question "who do you see winning a gold medal at the Paris Olympics", Teddy Riner once again places himself at the top of the hierarchy with 34, 41% of the votes. In second and third position in the predictions we find a team sport which usually brings medals: handball . Men collect 20.79% while women are &agrav; 17.52%.

More surprising: only 9.9% of French people believe that Léon Marchand will obtain a gold medal at the Olympics compared to 14.1% by example for Florent Manaudou. The breakfast multiple world swimming champion is perhaps not well known enough to the general public and could definitively emerge as a world champion. the occasion of these Olympic Games. 

Among the following French athletes and teams, who do you think will be crowned Olympic champion at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games?&amp ;nbsp;Please select all that apply.

Macron is banking on around fifty medals, less than 5% of French people agree

During the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, France won the title. 33 medals, including 10 in gold. In your opinion, how many medals could France obtain during the Paris 2024 Olympic Games ? Please select only one answer.

Gracenote, sports data provider, which offers predictions by nations before the Paris Olympics, is betting on France to place 3rd in the medal table, behind China and the States -United. The French athletes would obtain 52 medals, including 27 gold according to statistics. According to our YouGov survey, the French are less optimistic about the total with only 4.87% of those questioned betting on more than 45 million.

Let us recall that Emmanuel Macron himself indicated that that the objective of 50 medals was "attainable". According to our study, the majority of the French bet more on 35 à 45 medals with 42.58% of the votes.

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The French are in favor à the opening ceremony on the Seine

The last question of our survey carried out by between March 1 and 4, focused on the opening ceremony. À the question, "to what extent the organization of the opening ceremony on the banks of the Seine,' Is Paris a good idea or not??", 27.66% of those questioned estimated that it is a good idea (yes/rather) against 19.76% believing that it is not This is not really a good solution (no/not really). Around 20% of those surveyed also have no real opinion on the matter. The ceremony along the Seine convinces twice as many men as women (20% compared to 10% of “Yes, absolutely”) and especially 25-34 year olds (23%) and…. residents of the Paris region (26% of "Yes, absolutely").

*All data presented here is from YouGov France, unless otherwise stated. The investigation was carried out carried out on 1030 people representative of the French national population ;eacute;e of 18 years and over. The survey was carried out carried out online, on the proprietary YouGov France panel  from 1 to 4 March 2024.

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