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Terminal (Canal+): fans of the H series will love this project by Jamel Debbouze

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Launched in 1998 on Canal+, the series Hhas left its mark on many spectators and allowed a new generation of comedians and authors to assert themselves as sure values. We of course think of the legendary duo Éric and Ramzy, Jamel Debbouze, and many other recurring or guest actors in this sitcom over the years.

Also, the announcement by Canal+ of a new original creation headed by Jamel Debbouze clearly does not go unnoticed. The latter thus officiates as author, director, and actor of this 12-episode fiction called Terminal: Welcome to the airport. It will be launched next Monday, April 22.

What is the story of Terminal ?

The official synopsis of the series places us in a very different context from that of H. However, this framework should give free rein to the creativity of the authors:

Immediate boarding at Flywingz, welcome aboard one of the most… surprising airlines. In an increasingly competitive air market, the lowest low-cost airline must stand out in order not to crash.

Jack, a captain who is also poorly managing his personal life that his plane, and Charlie his co-pilot, relegated from a prestigious company to Flywingz, are obliged to collaborate. To do this, they will be supported by an astonishing team of cabin crew: the naive Nelly, Nabil, the most unpredictable steward the sky has ever known, Tristan the arriviste, and Armelle, an activist in all battles .

This original creation is described as being an 'office' comedy, which will address different subjects: interaction with colleagues, hierarchy, organization, performance and cost reduction… We are therefore promised that beyond the laughter, this series will paint “a living portrait of France today, tackling themes from racism to sexism, inclusiveness, borders, immigration, class struggle or the pressures of the world of work”.

A casting with small onions

In addition to Jamel Debbouze, we will have the pleasure of meeting Ramzy Bedia who was already present in the series H. With them, a nice range of actors seen in very popular films and series: Camille Chamoux (Laflamme), Alexandra Roth (< em>A difficult year), Manu Payet (Radiostars), Bérangère McNeese (HPI), and the comedian Tristan Lopin. Let's also mention Brahim Bouhlel who bursts the screen in Validated, or even Samuel Bambi (Les Gagnants) , and Doully who hosts the show Groland.

The revival of French sitcoms  ?

If the sitcom genre was in full vogue in the 80s and 90s, it has since declined (with the exception of the programs offered in pre-prime time by M6 and TF1). Jamel Debbouze for Kissman Productions and Nicolas Duval Adassovsky for Quad who developed this project, however, claim this genre:

With Terminal, our intention is to reconnect the viewer with the sitcom made in France. Guided by the ambition to offer fiction that is funny, entertaining and anchored in its time, we used the comedy mechanisms specific to the genre (zany dialogues; absurd situations) by updating them through careful work on artistic direction and production.

Appointment is made from Monday April 22 on Canal+ where the first two episodes of the series will be offered.

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