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Terminator is 40 years old: discover 3 secrets of filming this legendary film

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Certain films have left their mark on the history of the seventh art. The production of a feature film, however, relies on a fragile balance that is often unknown to the general public. From casting to script choices, through enmities or moments of grace, the destiny of a nugget could sometimes have been very different. Here are 3 secrets from filming Terminator.

In this nugget, signed James Cameron, we see a robot, a Terminator, returns from a dark future where a head-on war pits machines against humans. He must find Sarah Connor and eliminate her before she can give birth to John, who will become the leader of the resistance…

Arnold Schwarzenegger played a surprising part of his body

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On a shoot, anything can happen. Also, actors sometimes take out insurance policies to protect certain parts of their body. Arnold Schwarzenegger did the same for Terminator, and this for an absolutely improbable area.

According to ScreenRant, he actually insured his eyebrows for this feature film with the company Lloyd’s of London. Why ? The star feared that by shaving them for the purposes of the film, they wouldn't grow back properly.

Arnold Schwarzenegger worked hard to prepare for his role

Watching Terminator today, it seems that Arnold Schwarzenegger was born to play the role of Terminator. His composure on screen and his skill in handling weapons, however, owe nothing to chance.

The actor spent long hours training to handle guns, reload, and shoot, so that his movements appeared natural on screen. Mission largely accomplished for Schwarzy.

Terminator comes from a James Cameron nightmare

During an interview at the British Film Institute, James Cameron explained the genesis of the saga: “Terminator was born from a dream that I had while I was feverish in a cheap boarding house in Rome in 1981. It was the image of a chrome skeleton emerging from a fire. When I woke up, I started drawing on the hotel stationery.

And the legend of the seventh art adds: “The first sketch I did showed a metal skeleton cut in half at the waist, crawling on a tiled floor, using a large kitchen knife to pull itself forward while reaching out with its other hand. In a second drawing, the character threatens a woman who is crawling. Without the kitchen knife, these images are almost exactly the end of Terminator”.

That's all for this week. Did you enjoy this movie when it was released in theaters or did you discover it late ? Feel free to share your memories with us in the comments. If you liked the article, you can always find the previous part of this section here.

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