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Terrorism: two young people aged 15 and 18 arrested for discussing attack plans

Two young people aged 15 and 18, who spoke of "plans for coordinated attacks", were arrested. indicted, Friday May 17.

Exchanges on social networks over several weeks before the arrest. Two young men aged 15 and 18 years old wereé indicted for "terrorist criminal association with a view to preparing crimes against people" on Sunday May 12. In question: the two suspects exchanged online around "coordinated attack plans" , according to the National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor's Office (PNAT), confirming information from RTL. According to the PNAT investigation, the exchanges of messages concerned " coordinated attack projects “short term”, i.e. attacks planned at the same time in several places. The targets had not yet been identified. determined precisely by the suspects.

The two young men, who only know each other on the Internet, are from Occitanie and the Grand Est respectively. They are "obviously acquiredà jihadist ideology", according to the national anti-terrorism prosecution. The first man & of 18 years old wasé placed in pre-trial detention. The young adult man is suspected of to have a will more assumed to aim for “institutional” targets. According to the investigation, he had started &agrav; organize to obtain weapons.

A recent radicalization

The second âgé of 15 years old was é placed under judicial control. The teenager had not been radicalized; than recently, and was still investing until recently. few in Christian catechism groups. The investigations were carried out entrusted to the General Directorate of Security (DGSI) and are continuing within the framework of judicial information on these projects and on the involvement of the two people indicted.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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