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Tesla announces another record year (but BYD is not far away)

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At the start of 2023, Tesla set itself the goal of delivering 2 million electric cars in 12 months. But this objective was subsequently revised downwards. And the good news for the manufacturer is that this new target of 1.8 million vehicles has been achieved. Indeed, the manufacturer has just published its figures for the last quarter of 2023, as well as for the entire year 2023.

In the last quarter, Elon Musk's company produced a total of 494,989 electric vehicles and delivered 484,507 of them. And for the whole year 2023, the production volume was 1,845,985 electric vehicles, and 1,808,581. Despite complicated conditions, Tesla had a good year. Compared to 2022, deliveries increased by 38%. And according to CNBC, the figures for the last quarter exceeded analysts' expectations.

As a reminder, Tesla faced difficult macroeconomic conditions, but boosted its sales thanks to price reductions. Otherwise, in the United States, it has been the subject of an investigation by American authorities regarding its Autopilot functionality.

Tesla is still ahead of BYD?

Otherwise, it should also be noted that Tesla faces competition from Chinese brands, knowing that the Middle Kingdom is one of its most important markets. However, official figures indicate that for the moment, we can consider that Tesla is still ahead of its main Chinese rival, BYD, in the category of 100% electric vehicles.

According to CNBC, BYD has produced a total of 3 million electric cars. However, of these 3 million vehicles, only 1.6 million are fully electric vehicles, such as Teslas.

Otherwise, we will know more about the last quarter of Tesla at the end of the month. Indeed, after having published the figures for its production and deliveries, the manufacturer will present its financial results for the last quarter on January 24.

  • After targeting 2 million cars delivered in 2023, Tesla has revised this objective downwards
  • < li>The new target, of 1.8 million cars delivered, was achieved

  • The figures for the last quarter are satisfactory and deliveries increased by 38& nbsp;%
  • Furthermore, Tesla has delivered more 100% electric cars than its competitor BYD

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