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Tesla is ready ;passed, this Chinese car hurts him very badly and begins to invade Europe

The famous American brand faces a challenge. the meteoric growth of a Chinese brand on the market of electricity.

What if Tesla lost its place as number 1 in electric car sales? After conquering Europe, the American manufacturer, owned by of the sulphurous Elon Musk, sees Chinese competition coming to tickle his feet. China has been the leading market for around fifteen years. automobile in the world. In the Middle Kingdom, populated by per 1.4 billion inhabitants, a car is sold every second! No wonder the country produces more vehicles than the United States, India and Japan combined.

But to continue their growth in the automobile industry, the Chinese now have the objective of conquering the automotive market. European. With the main advantage of attractive prices (thanks to economies of scale) and know-how in the mass manufacturing of electric vehicles resulting from the desire of the company. policy, inspired at the beginning of the century, to take the turn towards green energy. The results are being felt today. Until then main EV supplier in China, Tesla lost its leadership this year. The American company has been overtaken by the Chinese brand BYD which, thanks to slashed prices due to government aid, is now the queen of electricity on its soil.

The latest figures in our possession even show that ''Build Your Dream'' – literally ''make your dreams'' – is about to catch up with Tesla on a global scale. With 431,603 cars to choose from green energy sold worldwide between July 1 and September 30, 2023, the Chinese brand, which was a private company, manufacturing batteries before launching into the automobile industry in 2003, hot on the heels of Tesla in the third quarter of the current year. With some 3,500 more sales, BYD would have exceeded Tesla, the global benchmark in electric vehicles.

And the Chinese manufacturer could well make up for this small delay by the end of the year. The upcoming release of its sixth model, the BYD Seal, presented a few weeks ago at the Munich show, will undoubtedly be decisive. A true technological gem promising more than 500 kilometers of autonomy, the promising sedan will come to ride on the borders of the Tesla Model Y, the best-selling car in the world for all engines combined. Driven by faster growth than Tesla, the company based in Shenzhen seems to have all the lights turned green. But a large grain of sand could nevertheless slow down its progress.

Aware of the rise of Chinese automobile manufacturers at the planetary level, the European Commission intends to toughen the rules against #39;import of Chinese car brands to its soil. In France, the new scale of the ecological bonus, in force from from January 1, 2024, will automatically exclude electric vehicles produced in Asia. BYD brands, such as MG, Aiways and Leapmotor will therefore be affected. But so does Tesla, which assembles many vehicles in the United States and…Shanghai. So, who will take this blow better, BYD or Tesla? à their wallet?

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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