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Tesla launches its “Zero service” project to get rid of maintenance

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One of the things that differentiates Tesla from other manufacturers is the fact that it controls everything. He sells his vehicles directly, and carries out maintenance himself. The problem is that the more cars he sells, the more complicated managing this maintenance becomes. And to solve this problem, Elon Musk has a solution: eliminate the need to maintain Teslas.

Generally, electric cars require less maintenance compared to thermal cars. But it still happens that users need to go to Tesla, because of a glitch. And this is why the manufacturer is launching its Zero Service project. No official announcement has been made, but, on its website, Tesla published an advertisement (spotted by Elektrek) for the position of senior manager of “Zero service”.

And the job description says a lot about the objectives set by the manufacturer: “At Tesla, we believe that the best maintenance is no maintenance  ! We are looking for a highly motivated Senior Manager to join our Service Operations organization and lead the team responsible for identifying and eliminating the reasons why our cars require service.”

An idea already mentioned by Elon Musk

The job posting also states that the senior manager will lead a team that will collaborate with other branches of Tesla to identify ways to improve quality, reliability and serviceability. Otherwise, it should be noted that this notion of “Zero service” has already been mentioned by Elon Musk in 2023.

During the teleconference, for the financial results of the first quarter 2023, Musk responded to a question about Tesla maintenance by mentioning the fact that the best maintenance service is offering cars that do not need maintenance, when “the car don't break.”

He also explained that because Tesla maintains its vehicles itself, it gets feedback that allows it to improve the design of its products, to reduce the need for maintenance in the future. “[..] if you have, for example, a dealer network that depends on service revenue, you probably have a misalignment of incentives where they make money on maintenance”, had also added the boss of Tesla.

  • Tesla wants to end maintenance of its electric vehicles
  • For this, he is in the process of forming a “Zero Service” team which will be responsible for identifying the elements that cause maintenance needs
  • This notion of zero service had already been mentioned by Elon Musk in 2023, when he was questioned about the maintenance of Teslas

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