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Teslas decorated with flashing lights: the new face of the French police?

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In this prosperous period of vehicle electrification, French law enforcement agencies are also considering renewing their fleet. To ensure this transition, what better brand than Tesla? It's the Model Y– whose prices are plummeting at the moment – which has so far caught the attention of the authorities. If it is adopted one day, its use will perhaps be more conclusive than the Peugeot 5008 and their small 1.2 liter Puretech blocks with 130 horsepower. This model has been used since 2020 by the gendarmerie and police forces.

Towards a rise in electric power in the ranks of the police?

If the Tesla project is envisaged, it is thanks to a French company little known to the general public: Maxi Avenue. This specializes in the fitting out of vehicles used by law enforcement.

It has a whole fleet of vehicles that can be modified and equipped, but it was the Tesla Model Y that caught the attention of the police. The vehicle was unveiled during a special event, the territorial police meetings in Bezons (Val-d'Oise).

The SUV prepared by Maxi Avenue is already available for sale for a price of 50,000 euros including tax. Even though it's not the Performance model, its powertrain is still 300 horsepower. More than enough, since the vehicle goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds.

However, in terms of autonomy, it's a bit tricky since it's a bit of a stretch. it has only 455 km of range according to the WLTP standard. A gray area has not been clarified by Maxi Avenue: the impact of the special equipment necessary for a police vehicle on this already somewhat limited autonomy.

A legal obligation towards electric

With the entry into force of the Mobility Orientation Law, French public entities must respect a quota of electric vehicles when their fleets are renewed.

A trend similar to what we can see in the United Kingdom for example. The Tesla Model 3 was tested with the idea of ​​possible adoption. For the moment nothing official, but it could well be that our English neighbors will take the plunge one day.

A Model Y would be perfectly suited to different police missions. Spacious, powerful and versatile, it would be perfect for high-speed interventions for example, or even patrols. The only small problem: French reluctance to purchase foreign vehicles for its police forces. In 2021, the gendarmerie was to acquire Seat Leon Cupra, but the project was abandoned. Instead, 26 Alpine A110s joined the ranks of peacekeepers.

  • Axe Avenue, a company specializing in the preparation of police vehicles presented a Tesla Model Y during an event in Ile-de-France.
  • Already available for sale for 50,000 euros including tax, it could easily join the French police forces.
  • It remains to be seen whether its adoption will take place or not, France having a tradition of preferring national brand vehicles.

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