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Thanks to this new feature from Google, your messages will be more stylish than ever

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Google continues to improve the messaging experience it offers by default on Android, which is based on RCS technology (the successor to SMS). And among the new features that the firm should soon generate, there is the possibility of livening up discussions on Google Messages, by sending selfies in the form of animated GIFs. According to the site 9to5Google, this new feature does not yet seem to be deployed, either on the beta version or on the stable version of Google Messages. However, the Mountain View firm has already published a help page discussing this new feature, on its support site.

This page indicates that to send a “selfie GIF” (if the feature is available), simply open a chat on Google Message, and long press the camera icon next to the text field. Then, a countdown will start, before recording the short video to send as a GIF. On this page, it is also indicated that the duration of the recordings will be 3 seconds.

Google Messages wants to liven up discussions

< p>Over the past few years, Google has continued to add new features to Messages. And today, RCS messages on this application are real alternatives to known messaging services, like WhatsApp or Telegram.

Lately, it seems like Google is trying to make using Google Message funnier. For example, at the end of 2023, the firm announced new features such as Photomoji (emoji reactions created with photos), new animations for certain specific messages like “I love you”, or even the possibility of personalizing the back -plan of conversations.

As a reminder, Google Messages today has more than a billion active users per month, even if the app does not is available on Android. But, soon, Google Messages users will also be able to exchange RCS messages with iPhone users. Indeed, Apple has already announced that the iPhone will support RCS technology.

  • Google continues to improve Google Messages, the messaging app that it offers by default on Android
  • And among the new features arriving, there are “selfie GIFs”
  • Users will be able to send 3-second mini-recordings as GIFs
  • While Google Messages has already surpassed 1 billion monthly active users, it has recently added features that make chats funnier

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