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Thanks to this new Google TV, you will no longer need to look for your remote control

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If the keynote launching the Google I/O conference was devoted to artificial intelligence, the firm also announced other new features during the workshops organized for developers. And among these new features, there is a new version of the Android platform for televisions, which will be based on Android 14. This new version should improve the performance of devices running Google TV, include new accessibility features and on certain devices, it will support display on floating windows.

In addition to this, the Android Authority site also indicates that the next version of Google TV should also include a feature that will help the user find their remote control. According to the site's explanations, Google recently launched a new Google TV emulator which includes the new features announced during the conference. And by digging into the code of this emulator, Android Authority found elements which suggest that the new version will offer a feature called “Find my remote”.

In essence, when this feature is available, it will be possible to ring the remote control for 30 seconds to find it. Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not have all the details on this feature or details on its availability. But, what we already know is that “Find my remote” will not be available on all devices, since it will be necessary, at least, for the remote control to have a small speaker to emit the her. In any case, for those who will benefit from this functionality, it will be very practical.

Already available on certain devices ?

In addition, it is important to specify that certain brands did not wait for this new version of Google TV to offer a device that allows you to find the remote control. According to explanations from Android Authority, a similar functionality is already available on TV boxes offered by the American company Walmart. On this device, the user can trigger the feature with the press of a button. And in addition to emitting a sound, the remote control turns on an LED light.

In any case, Google is launching its new version of Android for televisions, as it continues to gain popularity. At the I/O conference, Google revealed that Android TV OS has more than 220 million active devices today. And in one year, the number of devices in use increased by 47%. Otherwise, rumors circulated in April about a new Chromecast key which would have a new remote control. But for the moment, this is unofficial information which should be considered with caution.

  • Google took advantage of the I/O conference to present a new version of its platform for televisions, and launched an emulator which includes the new features of this version
  • According to Android Authority, the code of this new version hides a functionality which will allow you to find the remote control
  • The device would make the remote control ring when you cannot find it
  • At the moment, we do not have details on the availability of this feature, but we already know that it will be limited to remote controls that have a speaker
  • Google's TV platform is increasingly popular, with more than 220 million active devices worldwide, and an increase of 47% in one year
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