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The 3 good news of the week

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It’s well known that the media never talk about trains arriving on time. So much so that following the news can be totally depressing. Without denying the great threats and difficulties facing our times, there is also very good news that sometimes reaches us and which is not relayed enough. To ignore them is to condemn yourself to despair. Here are three recent pieces of information that make us smile again.

A major agreement against deforestation

Soy giants have signed a pledge to end deforestation in the most critical areas of South America by 2025. In total, eight companies have taken part in this initiative for the Chaco biomes , the Cerrado, and the Amazon.

This announcement, made on the sidelines of the last Cop28, was however criticized by environmentalists who explain that certain forest areas in danger have been forgotten in this agreement. It also allows producers to clear non-forest ecosystems for another six years, underlines Positive News.

Plants are absorbing even more CO2 than previously thought

Plants are still absorbing, according to a study by Australian scientists more carbon emissions than imagined. Jürgen Knauer of the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment in Sydney points out:

Plants absorb a significant amount of CO2 each year, slowing the harmful effects of climate change, but the extent to which they will continue to absorb CO2 in the future is uncertain.

Until now, scientists have ignored certain factors allowing these plants to “fix” carbon, and in particular how plants adapt to changes in temperature, and how CO2 moves through leaves.

The EU takes its responsibilities on plastic

For a long time, European countries have decided to ship their plastic waste to the poorest countries. This is expected to change following an EU decision banning the export of these to non-OECD countries.

Something to rejoice MEP Pernille Weiss who explains:

Once again, we follow our vision according to which waste is a resource when properly managed.

That's it for this week. If you liked this article, you can always reread the previous part of this section to find other good news that has gone relatively unnoticed.

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