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The Agency on Netflix: scandal in sight following these revelations about the practices of the Kretz family ?

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For four seasons, the series “L’Agence”, broadcast on TMC and Netflix, has captured the attention of millions of viewers with real estate adventures of the Kretz family. This seemingly ordinary family operates in a world of luxury, selling properties worth several million euros to prestigious clients in France and internationally. But behind this idyllic picture hides a more complex reality, brought to light by an investigation by the magazine Voici.

According to the report published on Friday April 19, 2024, the Kretzes, made up of Olivier and Sandrine and their four sons, Martin, Valentin, Louis and Raphaël, would resort to questionable practices to embellish their reality at the # 8217;screen. The magazine reveals that the family allegedly uses fake buyers and sellers, often recruited from their vast network, to play the roles of clients in the series.

L&# 8217;Zero risk agency

The investigation highlights testimonies from players in the real estate market which contrast sharply with the image polite from the agency. A real estate agent, who preferred to remain anonymous, affirms that “the reality of the market is far from that portrayed by the Agency&#8221 ;. He adds:

Once the cameras are turned off, the price of goods is often halved or tripled, and sales frequently don't even close.

The accusations go further, even involving the participation of celebrities such as François Berléand, who would be confronted with fictional scenarios for the purpose of the series. These revelations could have a significant impact on public perception and the credibility of the series, which has enjoyed a reputation for transparency and authenticity to date.

If these allegations prove true, they could affect the credibility of the program broadcast on TMC and Netflix. Fans of the series, who have become attached to the Kretz family dynamic, may also feel betrayed by these behind-the-scenes arrangements.

  • According to an investigation by Here, the program L’Agence broadcast on TMC and Netflix would be “rigged”
  • The Kretz family, at the heart of the program, would manage to beautify its image
  • The Kretz family did not wish to react to these accusations

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