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The AI ​​time bomb for enterprise security< /p> © Gerd Altmann/Pixabay

When you run a business in 2023, it may seem very tempting to integrate a chatbot to help (or seduce) your customers. However, companies clearly have an interest in handling these tools with caution. This is what we can learn from this article recently published by the British National Cyber ​​Security Center (NSCS).

The authority indeed mentions several risks that threaten the organizations concerned. Thus, these AIs are constantly evolving. Their APIs can change at any time, so if your organization relies a little too much on these services, a change could seriously impact your business. Likewise, these do not belong to you, and a price change can also expose you to risks.

A chatbot can be expensive for a company

Furthermore, the precise functioning of language models like ChatGPT and its rivals remains a mystery, including sometimes among its own designers. Their use can therefore be misused and harm the interests of a company.

The NSCS cites the example of a user who managed to make an AI say shocking or embarrassing comments. He can then take screenshots and openly mock a company on social networks. Enough to pose obvious image problems for the latter.

Another even more devious scenario is envisaged by the author of this note. Thus, if a bank deploys a chatbot for its customers to ask questions or carry out actions, a hacker could be able to make a transfer in their favor via a fairly technical maneuver, but far from impossible.

These warnings from the British authority are far from isolated. Other organizations are wary of chatbots and several tech giants like Apple and Amazon prohibit their employees from using ChatGPT.

In France, the Montpellier town hall also asks its staff not to use this AI. Last March, the deputy mayor in charge of digital, Manu Reynaud explained as follows: “We cannot guarantee that information exchanged with the platform will be protected against possible violations of security, rights or confidentiality”. You can always reread our article on this subject here.

What to remember:

  • In a recent note , British National Cyber ​​Security Center (NSCS) calls on companies to be cautious about the use of chatbots
  • The authority reveals some risks linked to this technology
  • It especially emphasizes that we do not yet understand all the consequences of the latter

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