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The brother of the boss Jean-Philippe Célestin killed by bullets

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Jean Brandon Célestin was seen at the funeral of late godfather of street gangs, Gregory Woolley, last December.

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The brother of the boss Jean-Philippe Célestin, Jean Brandon, was shot dead leaving a family party held in a pizzeria, rue Bellechasse, by a burst of gunfire as he was heading towards his car. luxury, Radio-Canada learned.

Emergency services were alerted by several calls to 911, around 12:15 a.m., Saturday, regarding several gunshots heard near the intersection of Bellechasse and Saint-Denis streets.

Still according to our police sources, the members of the Célestin family rushed out as soon as they learned that the 28-year-old man years old had just been shot.

The victim's mother and her partner had to be taken into charge by emergency services in front of the crime scene.

The shooter(s) were patiently waiting for the victim in the restaurant parking, according to our information. There were no immediate arrests, and police are still looking for suspects.

For police officers investigating organized crime, this shooting at a family party is a very strong message sent by the Celestins' rivals.

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This is the 6th homicide to occur in Montreal this year.

At least 10 bullets reportedly hit the man. Emergency Health paramedics pronounced him dead on site.

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Jean Brandon Célestin was not a major player in the criminal world, but the police considered him followed in the footsteps of his brother Jean-Philippe, who was very close to the late godfather of street gangs, Grégory Woolley.

None of the members of the Célestin family would have agreed to collaborate with SPVM investigators after the murder.

À Currently, our police sources are convinced that Jean-Philippe Célestin will want to avenge the murder of his little brother, which also occurred on the sidelines of a family gathering. Armed violence in organized crime could therefore, in the coming months, experience a resurgence of reprisals.

This crime follows the attempted murder that occurred a week earlier in Laval against Ali Chaban associated with a rival clan of street gangs. Investigators are currently trying to analyze whether there is a direct link to explain the motive.

It is is the 6th homicide to occur in Montreal this year.

With information from La Canadian Press

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