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The Conservative Party of Quebec faces $36,000 in fines for poorly installed posters

Valerian Mazataud Archives Le Devoir The findings of the DGEQ show that in some cases, the PCQ posters obstructed automobile or pedestrian traffic. (Illustrative photo from September 2022)

The Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) faces fines of more than $36,000 because several of its signs were incorrectly installed during the election campaign fall 2022.

In the morning of Thursday, the Director General of Elections of Quebec (DGEQ) published his findings of infraction regarding electoral signage. In total, he brought 78 charges against nine political parties.

The party with the most observations is, by far, the Conservative Party of Éric Duhaime. In total, 52 charges are against this party. Each of these counts results in the imposition of a minimum fine of $500.

However, with costs, the amount associated with each of the findings rises to $700, confirmed the DGEQ to the Duty. If he were to be found guilty of all counts, the PCQ would therefore have to pay more than $36,000 in fines.

Risk for road safety


The findings show that in certain cases, PCQ posters have obstructed automobile or pedestrian traffic. Elsewhere, the DGEQ accuses the party of having committed, permitted or tolerated violations of the law. Mr. Duhaime's party rejects these allegations.

“The poorly placed signs were not tolerated by the Conservative Party, and the associations were immediately notified upon receipt of the notice by Élections Québec, but you must understand that a large part of our volunteers were inexperienced since “it was their first election,” wrote the party’s press secretary, Cédric Lapointe, to Devoir.

“Everyone makes mistakes. The Ministry of Transport of Quebec (MTQ) has removed more Conservative Party of Quebec signs by mistake in a single riding than our total quantity of misplaced signs across Quebec,” he added. Mr. Lapointe was referring to the removal of dozens of signs by the MTQ in Sept-Îles. An employee of the ministry had misinterpreted the directive on electoral displays.

In addition to the PCQ, the Coalition Avenir Québec has accumulated seven charges from the DGEQ. Followed by Québec solidaire (six leaders), the Parti Québécois (four), the Green Party of Quebec (three), Climat Québec and the Liberal Party of Quebec (two counts each), and finally the Balarama Holness Team and the Party 51 (one leader each).

Teilor Stone

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