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The crisis continues for Samsung in Europe, Apple is doing better

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As you may already know, the smartphone market is currently in crisis. Indeed, for a while now, shipments have been in constant decline, in particular because of inflation. But while signs of resumption of growth are observed globally, the European market is still struggling to recover. And Samsung is particularly affected by this situation.

Globally, smartphone sales are on track to return to growth. On the other hand, as far as Europe is concerned, we are not yet out of the woods. In a recent publication, Counterpoint Research indicates that smartphone shipments were down 11% in the third quarter of 2023, in Europe.

Decline in shipments at Samsung

What if Samsung continues to be number 1 in Europe, it saw its shipments drop by 15% year-on-year. According to Counterpoint, Samsung reached its lowest shipment volume for a third quarter since 2011. The company adds that Samsung's decline in shipments may have been mitigated by the launch of its new folding smartphones, which were well received in Europe.

Otherwise, it should also be noted that if Samsung's smartphone division observes a drop in its shipments, it is doing quite well, on a global scale, thanks to premium models like the Galaxy S23 or folding smartphones. Indeed, in addition to the fact that these premium models are more resilient in relation to macroeconomic conditions, they also generate more revenue and profits.

Apple on the way to becoming number 1

< p>While Samsung saw its shipments drop by 15%, Apple fared better with a drop of only 3% in its European shipments year-on-year. These shipments were the lowest in the third quarter since 2014.

But despite this, the Cupertino company has a historic market share of 24% in Europe, for a third quarter. Furthermore, thanks to sales of the iPhone 15, Counterpoint Research predicts that Apple should be number 1 in Europe in the last quarter of 2023.

A slower return to growth for Europe

According to Counterpoint's explanations, smartphone shipments in Western Europe fell by 8%, a marked improvement compared to the drop in 14% in the previous quarter. On the other hand, due to the economic and geopolitical situation in Eastern Europe, shipments there fell by 15%. Unfortunately, a return to growth is not expected in the short term.

“The pace of decline is slowing and, although we do not yet expect a return to growth, we are optimistic about a strong end to the year in the fourth quarter. However, economic conditions remain difficult and people are holding on to their devices longer than ever. Therefore, we expect the market to remain quiet for the foreseeable future”, comments Jan Stryjak, Associate Director.

  • According to Counterpoint Research, Smartphone shipments fell 11% year-on-year in the third quarter in the European market
  • Samsung saw its shipments fall 15%, but the damage was limited by its new folding smartphones< /li>
  • Apple is doing better with a drop of 3% and could even become number 1 in the third quarter
  • Unfortunately, for Europe, the return to growth of the mobile phone market smartphones is not yet considered in the short term

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