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The ecological bonus reduced, these French people will have to pay more to buy a car

Many French people will not benefit from more than 5,000 euros off an electric vehicle in 2024.

Electricity has once again gained ground. land on the market French motor vehicle Around one in six new registrations (16.8%) concerned a vehicle. green energy last year. This is better than the European average (14%) and the trend should continue as the different manufacturers, French and foreign, have taken the turn of electricity, pushed as they are by the European directive to ban the sale of thermal cars. ;agrave; from 2035. To encourage motorists à buy less polluting cars, the French government has introduced in 2008, an ecological bonus, state aid to reduce the cost of the vehicle. purchase.

This ecological bonus has continued to evolve since then, and this is still the case in 2024. Unfortunately for the French, this one is outdated. ;now less advantageous than it was last year. Many households will no longer be able to benefit from a reduction of 5,000 euros on the purchase of a new electric car. And yes, while the number of sales of cars with batteries increases, state subsidies will undoubtedly decrease. Thus, 50% of the richest households (from deciles 6 to 10), will have to pay more money to get your hands on an electric vehicle.

For them, the bonus is not going to disappear. But it will decrease, going from 5,000 to 5,000. 4,000,000 euros. This is a loss of 1,000 euros for those who had made the decision to upgrade. electric in 2024. What could discourage some from investing in a cleaner (but more expensive) vehicle and to abandon their gasoline or diesel (or even hybrid) model. For the 50% of French people with more modest incomes, grouped in the first five deciles, the ecological bonus does not change. They will still be able to benefit from a discount of 5,000 euros to which must be added an increase of 2,000 euros, for a total of 7 euros. nbsp;000  euros à deduct from the price of a new electric vehicle.

The criteria for the ecological bonus have also evolved; in 2024. They have become tougher by taking into account the environmental impact in a much more global way, in particular by measuring the carbon footprint of the production of metals dedicated to ;s à manufacturing and that of the transport used to transport vehicles to their points of sale. This gaveé place à an environmental score &agrav; achieved to remain eligible for the ecological bonus. The ultimate objective being to favor vehicles designed in France and Europe rather than in Asia, and particularly in China.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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