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The “European digital identity wallet” is coming... But what exactly is it?” /></p>
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<p>“<em>It marks an important step in achieving the objectives of the digital decade by 2030 in terms of digitalization of public services< /em>” indicates the European Commission. Who? The new European digital identity wallet. In the text, the latter aims to enable all EU citizens to access public and private online services securely, with full protection of personal data throughout the country. ;Europe.</p>
<h2>A final agreement on the European digital identity portfolio</h2>
<p>Obviously, this wallet will allow the user to store their complete digital identity (on their smartphone), but it will also allow them to open bank accounts, make payments, store documents such as a driving license, a medical prescription, a work certificate…</p>
<p>On the privacy side, we promise that the wallet will fully respect the user's choice to share or not personal data. “<em>Relevant parts of its code will be released as open source, to exclude any possibility of misuse, illegal tracking or tracing, or interception by authorities </em>” indicates the European Commission.</p>
<p>In addition to public services, very large online platforms designated under the Digital Services Regulation (including services such as those of Amazon, Booking.com and Facebook) and private services legally required to operate under the Digital Services Regulation (DSR) authenticating their users will have to accept the EU digital identity wallet for connection to their online services.</p>
<p>The commission also indicates that “<em>the wallet will also facilitate compliance with various regulatory requirements by service providers.</em>”</p>
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We did it! #Deal🤝

With the European Digital Identity wallet, all 🇪🇺 citizens will be able to have a secured e-identity for their lifetime.

The wallet has the highest level of both security & privacy.

Giant step & a world premiere ! 👏 to my teams and both colegislators.#eID pic.twitter.com/LLylTyqKdq

— Thierry Breton (@ThierryBreton) November 8, 2023

Note that many observers do not view the creation of this European portfolio very favorably. digital identity, with some believing that “the European Union has just taken a big step in Chinese-style social control.” For the deputy for Essonne, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, it is a “a Health Passwith all our data (medical, license, passport, etc.) which will allow the EU to establish social credit!

The agreement concluded by the co-legislators is now subject to the ;formal approval of the European Parliament and the Council. Once officially adopted, the European digital identity framework will enter into force on the 20th day following its publication in the Official Journal.

  • The European Commission has formalized a 'digital identity wallet' project
  • A wallet that promises to bring together numerous services, from digital identity to bank accounts, including a medical prescription
  • It promises to offer the highest degree of safety independently certified according to identical standards

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