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The Fall Guy: What Critics Are Saying About the Ryan Gosling Movie ?

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On May 1st, The Fall Guy, this highly anticipated film starring Ryan Gosling will be released in theaters. Remember that this feature film, by David Leitch, is partly inspired by the 80s series, The Man Who Falls Right.

We will follow the story of Col Seavers, an unemployed stuntman. He then receives a call from his ex, a Hollywood director, who offers him a role as a stunt double for a rising star of the seventh art who happens to be trash of the worst kind. While the actor disappears, our hero tries to find him. He also cherishes the secret hope of starting a relationship again with his ex-girlfriend, while saving this decidedly poorly embarked film.

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So, does this feature film live up to expectations?? A first part of the answer is provided to us by the critics who had the chance to preview this production.

Very positive feedback

Screenrant does not dry up praise for this reboot of the saga:

The Fall Guy seems to come from an era of films where it was acceptable to be openly stupid, embracing action, romance and nonsense in one fell swoop without ever missing a step. This action comedy is a crowd-pleasing film that exudes charm. He does not overcomplicate his premise while taking care to linger on his characters. (…) The Fall Guy offers excellent comedic performances, fun action sequences, and a nice tribute to the stunt community, which keeps these kinds of films afloat.

Same story with Den of Geek who praises the duo “sublime” consisting of Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt on screen. Deadline welcomes the fact that “the film is a hilarious and thoughtful tribute to the stunt community, mixing action and poignant exploration sacrifices made by these unsung heroes”.

Finally, Fresh Fiction confirms these impressions and even judges that The Fall Guy can be rewatched several times with great pleasure, and adds: “Who would have guessed that a fake movie would bring out the realest laughs ?”.

While waiting to enjoy this feature film, you can reread our dedicated article to learn more about the subject. What do you think of the latest rumors about The Fall Guy ? Let us know in the comments.

What to remember:

  • The Fall Guy comes out on 1st May at the cinema
  • The first feedback is very positive
  • They particularly welcome the duo made up of Ryan Gosling and 'Emily Blunt as well as the tribute to the stuntmen

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