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The Francofolies de La Rochelle 2024 program is getting longer

The fortieth edition of the Francofolies de La Rochelle will be held at the beginning of July 2024.

Forty years! For this anniversary, the Francofolies festival in La Rochelle is meeting à its public from July 10 to 14. After unveiling in two stages the first names of the programming of the 2024 edition, the organizers announce other artists, including Chimène Badi, Puggy, La Caravane Passe, Johnny Jane, Black Dog, Jan Verstraeten, Aupinard or Poppy Fusée.

So many names joining the already existing lineup. known from the Francofolies de La Rochelle 2024, which already had artists like Sting, Bianca Costa, Bigflo & Oli, Ninho, Zaho de Sagazan, Phoenix, Jean-Michel Jarre, Hervé, Pascal Obispo, Eddy de Pretto or Charlotte Cardin.

New names were added to this list, notably Alain Souchon, Damien Saez, Hubert-Félix Thiefaine, Jeanne Added, Jacques, Alain Stivell, Alex Vizorek and Alex Beaupain, Christian Olivier, Kas Product, Edith Nylon, Blick Bassy, ​​or even Yamê.

A poster that couldn't be more eclectic, which brings together French and international song, but also several generations of artists ;artists – and therefore festival-goers. The ticket office for the forty years of the Francofolies de La Rochelle festival is open and accessible on the event website, here. 

The Francofolies 2024 program


  • Théâtre Verdière : Kanta Kanañ (Anne Etchehoyen – Gwennyn – Francine – Massiani and Patxi Gara), Alan Stivell, Chimène Badi
  • Grand théâ60~/strong>: Gaëtan Roussel – Eclectic Creation
  • Scène JL Foulquier : Charlotte Cardin, Eddy de Pretto, Etienne Daho, Sting
  • Blue Room : Nach, Alex Vizorek and Alex Beaupain
  • Rochelle Ocean : Swing, Visceral, La Caravane Passe


  • Scène JL Foulquier : Ladaniva, Santa, Grand Corps Malade, Pascal Obispo,& ;nbsp;Patrick Bruel 
  • Grand Théâtre: Arthur Teboul & Baptiste Trotignon, Jeanne Added acoustic
  • Théâtre Verdière : Alexandra Streliski, Johan Papaconstantino, Liv Oddman, James Baker
  • Salle Bleue: Paris Lonestar Club, Elliott Murphy
  • Rochelle Ocean: Nemo, Johnny Jane, Paris Lonestar Club, Komodrag & The Mounodor


  • Scène JL Foulquier : Bianca Costa, Zola, Josman, PLK, Vladimir Nightmare&nbsp ;
  • Théâtre Verdière : Joanne Radao, Blick Bassy, ​​Jacques pr& eacute;sente Videochosis, Nochka
  • The Mermaid: Grandma's Ashes, Psychonaut, Ditter, Slift, Hint, Amenra
  • Grand Théâtre : Solann, Thomas Fersen, Damien Saez
  • Salle Bleue: Louis Winsberg and Yvan Cujious – Tribute à Claude Nougaro, Claude Sicre
  • Rochelle Ocean : Ariane Roy, Aleksand Saya, Jan Vestraeten


  • Scène JL Foulquier : Werenoi, Luidji, Bigflo & Oli, Ninho 
  • Théâtre Verdière : Amalia, Arthur Fu Bandini, Aliocha Schneider, Clara Ysé 
  • Grand théâ60~/strong>: Jil Caplan, Alain Souchon accompaniedé by Ours and Pierre Souchon
  • Salle Bleue: Edith Nylon, Kas Product
  • Rochelle Ocean: Loverman, Black Dog, Puggy


  • Scène JL Foulquier : Hervé, Zaho de Sagazan, Sofiane Pamart, Phoenix,& nbsp;Jean-Michel Jarre 
  • Théâtre Verdière: Black Sea Dahu, Christian Olivier (Stiff Heads ), Poppy Fusée, Black Powder
  • Grand Théâtre : Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine
  • La Sirène: Yamê, Aupinard
  • Salle Bleue : Nicolas Peyrac, Hildebrandt, Nicolas Peyrac
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