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The funny songs of Peng Liyuan, the wife of the Chinese president

Chinese President Xi Jinping is on an official visit to France this Monday, May 6. He is accompanied by by his wife, popular singer Peng Liyuan.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is on an official visit to France, Paris this Monday, May 6, and in Hautes-Pyrénées on May 7. His wife accompanies him on this trip. A woman who counts next to her of the all-powerful Chinese leader. Peng Liyuan has a special profile. The first lady of China is a variety singer. A huge star, practically since the age of 18, when she joined the People's Liberation Army in 1980. After years of After studying and obtaining a master's degree in traditional ethnic music, she became a singer and soldier. 

Within the army, she quickly stood out and was sent to boost the morale of the troops. Her nickname is then:  "the Peony Fairy". She climbs the hierarchy until she reaches the top. become today a brigade general. Every year, she takes part in the national television gala. New Year's Eve, the most watched program by hundreds of millions of Chinese. Its performances take place on aircraft carriers or tanks. "Probably 90% of his songs praise the Communist Party, and the rest celebrate our wonderful life,” commented sarcastically in 2013&nbsp ;music critic Qi Youyi for the BBC. His most famous songs are called "On the Plains of the&#39 ;hope", "The people of our village" or "Mount Everest". She carried outé around fifty tours in his career.

A singing career put aside

In 1987, Xi Jin Ping married a star. He is nine years older than her. Peng Liyuan finally put her career on hold in 2007, after 20 years of marriage, when her husband was tipped for power. She will only sing exceptionally, during the Sichuan earthquake for example in 2008. She is even an ambassador for the World Health Organization. (WHO) for tuberculosis and AIDS since 2011. In 2014, it was implemented. appointed UNESCO special envoy for the advancement of the education of girls and women. In 2012, a survey voted her the second most popular personality in the world. favorite of the Chinese, ahead of Jackie Chan. 

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