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The future R5

Forty years after the end of its production, the legendary Renault 5 will see the light of day again in 2024. The brand The diamond model offers a first glimpse of the future 100% electric city car which will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in February.

It is an understatement to say that the small world of automobiles is pawing with impatience at the moment. the idea of ​​discovering the new Renault 5, forty years after it left the manufacturing plants having left its mark on the minds of millions of motorists. We already know that the most popular city car of the 1980s will make its comeback in 2024. The R5 of the future will be, as we also knew, an exclusively electric car, with 100% electric power. the image of the new Renault Scenic. And before officially presenting it at the Geneva Motor Show on February 26, the French manufacturer has chosen to share the first exclusive images of the next R5 E-Tech. p>

If we make the comparison with the concept car unveiled; In 2021, the shape of the optics on the front of the future R5 has changed somewhat. Less rectangular, they take the shape of an eyebrow but fool no one: the nod to the headlights of the first version is quite obvious.

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On the hood of the future R5 E-Tech, don't look for the rather emblematic air intake of the historic model. Instead, the diamond brand will integrate a luminous charge indicator which fits perfectly with the new identity. electric of his city car. When the battery is fully charged, the number 5 will appear completely.

The future electric R5 is soon here, Renault finally shows us more


The wide wheel arches, symbols of the Renault 5 of yesteryear, will always be a marker of the famous model of the diamond brand.&nbsp ;For the French manufacturer, "they widen the silhouette of R5" and "reinforce its unique and immediately recognizable character, the image of the R5 Turbo."

The future electric R5 is soon here, Renault finally shows us more


Renault also revealed the rear headlights of the R5 E-Tech. Very fine, these optics will be placed at the right angle. horizontally in the extension of the sides of the bodywork. "This element participates in “the aerodynamic performance of R5, avoiding punishing air swirls”, indicates the brand.

The future electric R5 is soon here, Renault finally shows us more


If these The first photos got you started. your mouth, know that Renault will reveal other details of the design of the future R5 at a later date. from December. The manufacturer also communicated on the city car's engines. When it is launched, it will be equipped with a 52 kWh battery which will offer it a range of up to 200 km. 400 km in WLTP cycle. It will subsequently be expanded with a smaller battery, 40 kWh. Price-wise, Renault confirms that the R5 E-Tech will cost "around 25,000 euros" entry-level.

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