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The future portable Xbox: the dream for nomadic gamers ?


Who said nomadic gaming was dead? While it certainly doesn't have the same popularity as at the start of the millennium, portable consoles are still here! For some time now, rumors have been circulating about a portable Xbox project. Rumors supported by recent comments from Phil Spencer, director of Xbox Game Studios, and revelations from Jez Corden (Windows Central), journalist recognized for the seriousness of his work.

The genesis of an idea

Even if Phil Spencer seems to particularly appreciate certain current portable consoles, like the Steam Deck or the Asus ROG Ally , he recognizes them certain limits. He takes the example of the Legion Go.

He explained to the media Polygon during an interview: “ I want my Lenovo Legion Go to look like an Xbox. I brought it with me to the Game Developers Conference. On the plane, I was able to list everything that could differentiate it from an Xbox. It's not a question of branding. I was more like: are all my games there?? Will the saves of my games be the ones I want?? There is one that I drives you crazy, it's Fallout 76. It doesn't benefit from cross-save».

He continues: «I want to be able to launch the Xbox app in full screen, but in a compact mode. And all my social experience should be there. I want it to look like my Xbox interface when I turn on the TV. But I would like to see that on this kind of device “.

Along with these statements, Jez Corden revealed that prototypes of portable consoles were indeed in Microsoft's drawers: ” Well, I'm going to say it right now and I haven't released our report on this yet because I'm still digging. […] I know they have handheld prototypes right now. […] they have new handheld prototypes “.

However, the latter quite rightly points out that the existence of prototypes does not guarantee their commercialization.

What type of design??

The journalist was asked on X.com about the nature of the future console: will it be a pure Xbox or a “ portable Windows PC with an Xbox shell ” ? The specialist leans more towards < strong>the first option.

He explains that’he's not at 100&nbsp ;% sure of his idea, but that ” Microsoft doesn't want to be below the original equipment manufacturers who make Windows handhelds […] Microsoft wants you to have your Xbox library, which they are not contractually allowed to put on Windows ”.

The rumors are becoming clearer, and the project seems to be in preparationat the American giant. It remains to be seen whether the console will pass the prototype stage or not.

  • Rumors concerning the design of&#8217 ;a portable Xbox is becoming clearer.
  • Statements from Phil Spencer, director of Xbox Game Studios and a specialist journalist, Jez Corden, seem to go in this direction. sens.
  • However, nothing is yet certain, and the console would still only be at the prototype stage.

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