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 The government terminates the contract of an assistant deputy minister for education

Renaud Philippe Archives Le Devoir Marie-Dominique Taillon had been suspended due to allegations concerning her management while she directed the Marie-Victorin School Service Center.

The government terminated the contract of Assistant Deputy Minister of Education Marie-Dominique Taillon after suspending her due to allegations regarding her management while she headed the Center de services scolaire (CSS) Marie -Victorin.

A decree adopted by the Council of Ministers on November 1, published this week, made this decision official.

“It is ordered, on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, that the contract engagement of Ms. Marie-Dominique Taillon as assistant deputy minister at the Ministry of Education be terminated,” indicates the document.

The office of the Minister of Education, Bernard Drainville, declined to comment.

In June, Mr. Drainville himself announced the temporary suspension of Ms. Taillon following the publication from a report from Devoircovering the period when she was at the head of CSS Marie-Victorin.

Mr. Drainville had affirmed that checks were underway in this area. The minister also recalled the two analyzes of the work climate already begun by the CSS, which was the target of an investigation by the Permanent Anti-Corruption Unit (UPAC).

Ms. Taillon’s LinkedIn page says she is now a “consultant, manager, strategic support and special project delivery.” The former deputy minister, appointed in March 2022, published a statement on the social network to explain the end of her mandate, which ended prematurely, before the scheduled date in March 2027.

“I announce my retirement from the public service after more than 30 years in the world of education to analyze new opportunities in the private sector,” she wrote.

When she was hired last year, Ms. Taillon received a salary of $197,303.

“Golden Parachute”

In a parliamentary committee, Liberal MP Marwah Rizqy expressed surprise that Ms. Taillon received a transition allowance, which she estimated to be at least $150,000, even though her contract had been terminated.

According to the member for Saint-Laurent, the rules governing Ms. Taillon's position provide for an exclusion clause to suspend the payment of this severance allowance in the event of dismissal “for just and sufficient cause.” p>

“Now she is entitled to a severance package while she was facing criminal allegations,” she stressed.

According to Ms. Rizqy, this type of situation can be difficult to handle. understand by the population.

“If someone is at fault, they don't like to see what we call the golden parachute,” she said. If you have made a mistake, there is dismissal, it is dismissal. Generally, the exclusion clause is applied. »

Mr. Drainville responded that these provisions are the responsibility of a secretariat of the Ministry of Executive Council, for which he is not responsible.

“The member for Saint-Laurent has well understood the very delicate nature of this matter, he said. All I can say on this matter, Ms. Taillon is no longer at the ministry and for everything else, I cannot comment. »

The Executive Council was not able, Wednesday afternoon, to provide details on Ms. Taillon's file.

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