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The Highway Code has changed, too many French people don't know what this sign really means

It's a typical sign from the French Highway Code but do you really know what it means? Be careful, the rules have changed today. at the start of the year 2024…

It is a well-known sign for driving license candidates who take the theoretical exam, the famous Highway Code exam. The round sign B9B, which represents a bicycle on a white background with a red outline, features prominently in our Highway Code. But even having completed baccalaureate; and revised the competition, the candidates could well make a mistake! Because know this, the rules have discreetly changed! in spring 2024.

A judgment, published in the Official Journal on March 23, 2024, informs of this change. Before seeing the details, a quick reminder: sign B9B is a prohibition sign. If you see it, it means that no cyclist can enter this lane. Some people think the opposite, judging that the bike is not locked. on the panel. This is not the case. We find this panel for example à approaching a tunnel or especially an expressway leading to the highway where the minimum speed, 80 km/h, is not really compatible with cycling, even for champions!

The Highway Code has changed, too many French people don't know what this sign really means

You can also see this sign in town, especially when there is specific signage and dedicated lanes, such as cycle paths, have been improved. installed. In this specific case, bicycles are required to use the cycle path reserved for them. A round panel representing a white bicycle on a blue background can also be installed there.

What has changed? otherwise since March with this new point in the Highway Code? Bicycles are in fact no longer the only ones affected by this prohibition sign. The stoppage of March 23 specifies that all vertical road signs which until then applied to for cyclists, it is also for drivers of motorized personal transport vehicles, the EDPM. Behind this somewhat barbaric name hide many users in the city since this category includes electric scooters, with or without saddle, but also gyropods and other gyrowheels. In other words, if you see this famous sign, the route in question is now also prohibited for scooters.

The B9B sign is not the only one affected, all signage is correct. also applies to scooters, for example, traffic lights, two-way cycling, or “Yield for cyclists at traffic lights”. And there's no question of escaping it! Driving on an unauthorized road exposes you to danger. a 4th class fine is ' say a fine of 135 euros. If you do not ride on the installed and properly signposted cycle path, you will risk a fine of 35 euros. It's worth keeping your eyes peeled and checking the latest developments in the Highway Code. Let's remember, no one is in any sense. ignore the law.

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