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The innovative “anti-smartphone” of the future suffers from an (almost) forgotten battery problem

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While the product had a mixed launch – caught between high expectations, wow effect and quite a few technical difficulties – Humane is telling early users of the Ai Pin to stop using their charging case. The cause, according to the firm, is a batch of battery cells supplied by a subcontractor.

The manufacturer in question would have been “disqualified” due to a potential risk of fire. A well-known and feared problem in the smartphone industry… and which had, for example, led to Samsung recalling all of its Galaxy Note 7s after the discovery of a similar problem.

Some AI Pin charging boxes would be “all on fire”

The firm specifies that other accessories, including the AI ​​Pin itself and the magnetic Battery Boosters, which are also used to attach the AI ​​Pin to clothing, are not affected. From what we understand, these can work and be recharged without the help of the charging case.

A “charging pad” is in fact supplied with the device. No actual recall has been announced – as well as information on the possible replacement of the accessory which is out of stock on the site. Humane simply states that it is looking for another supplier, and undertakes to share more information on the problem as the investigation progresses.

To compensate for these difficulties, the firm also offers its customers two free months of subscription, which allows the device to be constantly connected to the internet. Here is what the firm says in the email sent to its customers, taken from our colleagues at The Verge (no other announcement has been made through other channels):

“Out of an abundance of caution, we are contacting you today to ask you to immediately stop using and charging your charging case accessory due to an issue with some of the charging case accessory's battery cells.

After receiving a single report of a charging issue when using a third-party USB-C cable and ;#8217;a third-party power source, we have identified a quality issue with the third-party supplied battery cell used in your charging case accessory.

Our investigation has determined that the battery supplier no longer meets our quality standards and that there is a potential that certain battery cells supplied by this supplier may pose a fire safety risk. As a result, we have immediately disqualified this battery supplier while we work to identify a new supplier to avoid such issues and maintain our high quality standards.

The issue identified is isolated only to certain battery cells used in the charging case accessory and is not related to the hardware design of the the charging case accessory.

It is important to note that Humane's Ai Pin products, its Battery Booster(s) and Charge Pads are not affected because the disqualified supplier does not supply batteries or other components of these Humane products, and are safe for continuous use.

Although we know this may cause you inconvenience, safety customers is our priority at Humane. We design Ai Pin and related accessories with safety in mind, and rigorously test and certify them to applicable U.S. and international safety standards.

We appreciate your understanding and will offer you two additional free months of Humane subscription.

Please be assured that we are committed to your safety and satisfaction and will share additional information once we conclude our investigation.

The Humane team”

  • Users of the Ai Pin are victims of a new problem, this time affecting an accessory sold with the device.
  • The charging case is susceptible to contain a defective battery posing a risk of starting a fire.
  • The firm promises to be transparent, but is not offering anything for the moment replacement.

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