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The iPhone SE 4 has every chance of being an outer space hit: here's why

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Our colleagues at WCCFTech understand that Apple plans to sell the iPhone SE 4 for a price between $429 and $500. The current generation being marketed by the firm for a (American) price of 429 dollars – which translates to €529 in Europe.

If this information is confirmed, Apple has every chance of transforming the product into an outer space box. Why? The price is not the only reason: the firm has neglected this range a little in recent years. The iPhone SE remains, to date, iPhones of the past with their LCD screen with large borders and their gestures from the past era, even under iOS 17.

Why the next iPhone SE is likely to be very popular with users

Not everything is to be thrown away on these models. The firm equips them with a fairly recent chip, which allows them to stay in the race even in 2024. However, if we compare to what is done in the Android ecosystem, for example with the FE range from Samsung, the selling price of these smartphones currently seems far too high compared to their services.

The iPhone SE 4 should act as a real revolution on this point. As we detail in our iPhone SE 4 file, these devices should offer, in addition to a much more recent technical sheet, a design and features between those of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15.

The screen will a priori be OLED and borderless, probably with the Dynamic Island, or, according to other rumors, a notch. But in any case, this detail alone should finally bring this cheaper range into the present. In addition we would find new iPhone 15 features like the Action button.

It will obviously have a USB type C port, Europe obliges, and facial recognition, essential on all iPhones with borderless screen. Furthermore, Apple could create a surprise by integrating a brand new chip optimized for AI. So many services which, put together, would make the proposition particularly attractive.

Enough to attract new users even in the Android ecosystem given that users could find enough positive points in this model not to turn to alternatives. Especially since after years of stagnation, the number of new features on this model should attract the spotlight.

The future iPhone SE could be launched by the end of 2024 – or, more likely during the year 2025.

  • The selling price of the iPhone SE 4 should remain very close to the current price according to WCCFTech.
  • Enough to complete the recipe for enormous success for Apple.
  • The next iteration will indeed be an unprecedented leap (and probably noticed) in the iPhone SE range which should hopefully be unveiled by the end of 2024 or during 2025.

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