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The iPhone would enter a new era thanks to a contract with Samsung

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Today, more and more smartphone (and PC) brands are offering devices with foldable screens. Apple, for its part, has not yet expressed interest in this technology. But, behind the scenes, the Cupertino company is indeed considering an iPhone and/or a folding iPad.

And according to a new article from Sammobile, which relays information from the DigiTimes Asia site, it is possible that Apple has just taken a new step. Indeed, according to this new rumor, Apple has signed a contract with Samsung to develop a product with a foldable screen.

The details of this agreement are not discussed, but the information suggests that if Apple launches a folding iPhone or iPad, Samsung should be its supplier of foldable screens. Currently, Samsung is one of the main suppliers of this technology. And previously, rumors indicated that the Korean company had already prepared its production lines for future orders from Apple.

folding iPhone/iPad: you will have to be patient

In any case, we will probably still have to wait before seeing Apple products with foldable screens on the market. In a recent article, our colleagues at 9to5Mac relay a note from analyst Jeff Pu indicating that Apple has accelerated its work on foldable screens.

However, despite this acceleration, the folding Mac or iPad with a 20.3-inch screen would only enter mass production around the end of 2025. As for the folding iPhone, this would only enter production around the end of 2026.

Furthermore, since this information does not come from official sources, it should be considered with caution. In any case, sooner or later, Apple should launch products with foldable screens in order to revitalize its sales.

  • Apple continues to think about its future products with foldable screens
  • And recently, the firm signed a contract with Samsung, which should be its supplier of foldable screens< /li>
  • Currently rumors are circulating about a device with a 20.3-inch foldable screen and about a folding iPhone
  • However, the first Apple product using this technology would not enter production until the end of 2025

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