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The Lady and the Dragon: you don’t understand the ending ? The screenwriter explains

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This is the most viewed film currently on Netflix. In The Lady and the Dragon, we follow the adventures of Elodie, a young woman who agrees to marry a prince charming. In reality, this offer has everything of a trap, and the heroine understands this very quickly. The finale of this feature film is quite disconcerting, so much so that the screenwriter of this production, Dan Mazeau, took the floor to explain himself. (Spoiler alert: the rest of this article reveals essential elements of the story).

An open conclusion

As a reminder, at the end of the film, we see Elodie and the dragon join forces to take their revenge on the Queen Isabelle and the royalty. The castle bursts into flames and during the last scene, the heroine and the dragon head off towards an unknown horizon. This is enough to open up the field of possibilities, including a sequel. Questioned by our colleagues from The Wrap, the screenwriter rightly explained:

When they fly away, the story of their lives has not yet been written. We wanted to show you the opposite of a fairy tale. This is our “happily ever after” reverse. Unlike the idea that nothing will happen, the idea is that anything can happen. Élodie wants to travel the world, the dragon has been locked in this emotional prison for hundreds and hundreds of years. The ending is as open as possible, unlike the confines of the cave.

He adds: “The idea is to take the traditional knight-in-shining-armor stories and explore the world from another point of view, and part of that point of view is not just save yourself, but save someone else. (…) The idea is that when she (the dragoness Editor's note) lost her children, it was over. She was going to be alone all her life, until she died. By trying to repay the pain she endured, she caused the deaths of many young women out there, in the darkness.”

A sequel to The Lady and the Dragon ?

And the author concludes: “So they have a new relationship. I don't think they're necessarily allies, but they're no longer just 'the lady'; and “the wrist strap”. The nature of their relationship remains open to interpretation. (…) And now, for the first time, Élodie is free in a way new to her, just like the dragoness. They both have the opportunity to forge their own path.”

One big question remains: will we be entitled to a sequel? Netflix has not yet provided any information on this subject, and we can imagine that the answer depends on the audience for this feature film. A second part could in any case explore this emerging relationship between Elodie and the dragoness. They could then go to other kingdoms to free them.

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