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The laptop with a clamshell wasn't enough, here are two from Asus

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After the original Zenbook Duo and their second touch screen, Asus has just unveiled an even more original laptop model. In the classic laptop position, nothing fabulous at first glance. But when we deploy the entire device, we see that there too, an additional panel is included. Except that this time it offers a diagonal of the same length as the original display, with no less than fourteen inches on the clock! Or dimensions similar to those of the most affordable new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

As you can imagine, with such a technical sheet, the manufacturer has not skimped on the components that equip the screen. Here we are entitled to a resolution of 2 880 x 1 800 pixels for each of the two, with a 16:10 ratio but also a refresh rate reaching up to no less than one hundred and twenty images per second. For comparison, this is also what the most powerful MacBook Pros marketed by Apple offer. But we also find this cadence on certain smartphones, which players of mobile titles particularly appreciate.

And for performance, then ?

On the power side now, know that this new Zenbook Duo (yes, the nomenclature has been retained) can be delivered with up to thirty-two gigabytes of RAM for two terabytes of internal storage. However, this is the maximum configuration, which, logically, is also the most expensive. Still count on $1,499 for the basic version, a price ultimately not so far from that offered for the fifteen-inch MacBook Air M2. But with a display twice as large…

The new Zenbook Duo from Asus will, however, cost more than 2,000 euros in mainland France and the rest of the European Union, without the price being the same. However, we do not know the precise reasons for this major price difference. Let us remember that at the time of writing these lines, the exchange rate indicates that 2,000 euros is still worth almost 2,200 dollars.

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CES 2024 has just started (officially) at the Las Vegas Convention Center, where attendees can also board one of The Boring Company's tunnels. The company offers Teslas taking you from point A to point B while avoiding the traffic jams of the city of vice. And when you know the gargantuan size of the exhibition center, this is clearly not a superfluous tool. Certainly, this does not respect the basic promise of the company which consisted of offering a completely autonomous service, but the experience remains interesting to test and gives a foretaste of the sometimes excessive ambitions of’ Elon Musk and his teams.

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