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The locals know it well and keep it a secret, this beautiful region of Europe is ideal for escaping tourists

It's cooler there and the landscapes are varied… Everything to appeal to the locals who find far fewer tourists there.

France, Italy, Spain… Here are the top trio in Europe for a great vacation according to (too) many tourists. Spain has conquered the hearts of French holidaymakers but also British and Germans in particular. There are several tens of millions à cross the border every year, whether in summer or summer. but also in winter to find sun, reasonable prices and long sandy beaches.

And the Spaniards themselves, where? do they leave ? Not necessarily to the same place. According to several Spanish experts, hotels in the very touristy Costa del Sol on the Mediterranean coast have thus recorded increases in prices. a drop of almost 10% in the number of Spanish visitors last year. And here is where they will put down their suitcases à the place! The Spaniards have visibly optedé for another region, more or north and less touristy, the Basque Country and Galicia, two booming regions. Experts suggest that this trend could be linked to climate change, causing heat waves in southern Spain, particularly the last two summers. In summer, the north of the country is traditionally much cooler.

The locals know it well and keep it a secret, this beautiful region of Europe is ideal for escaping tourists

But this is not the only argument since Galicia offers many advantages: the beaches are wide and varied and the cleanliness is excellent. water is recognized there. The temperature is a little cooler since it is on the Atlantic coast but the climate is more pleasant in the open air. ;eacute;eté. Galicia is often referred to as Spanish Brittany by the variety of its varieties. of its landscapes and its rich culture.

The city of Vigo also wins many votes like the archipelago of the Cies Islands, near Pontevreda. It offers superb beaches, beautiful hiking trails and the Spanish appreciate the relative tranquility compared to the most touristy places in their country. Hiking enthusiasts can also walk there on the pilgrimage routes including the famous Camino de Santiago leading to Santiago de Compostela. Will it be the same this year? Spanish travelers have obviously made Galicia their secret paradise…

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