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The mayor of Avallon in police custody after the discovery of 70 kg of cannabis at her home

Dozens of kilos of cannabis and another of cocaine were taken. found at the mayor of Avallon, in Yonne, on April 7. The councilor and two of his brothers were arrested. placed in custody view.

Drugs found at the home of the mayor of Avallon. At least 70 kilos of cannabis resin were stolen. discovered, Sunday April 7, at the home of the councilor of the small town of Yonne, Jamilah Habsaoui, during an operation & quot;XXL net space" reported BFMTV. The police also got their hands on a kilo of cocaine, a gold ingot and 7,000 euros in cash, according to the prosecutor. of the Republic of Auxerre & franceinfo.

After this discovery, the mayor of Avallon who is also regional councilor of Burgundy-Franche-Comté  ;té arrested and placed in custody view. In total, seven people were arrested. arrested, including two of the Edile's brothers who have already been arrested. known to the police for cases related to drugs. It was one of these brothers who was targeted. by the anti-drug operation. The latter would have storedé the goods to the mayor of Avallon, with whom he lives, without the latter being aware according to France 3. The investigation must determine if Jamilah Habsaoui was informed of the presence of drugs in an outbuilding of her house.

An operation prepared for "several weeks"

Éelected in 2021 à the head of the town hall of Avallon after having been in charge for a long time. First deputy of this town of 6,800 inhabitants, Jamilah Habsaoui, is also a pharmacy technician in parallel with her mandate. Thus, a second search, this time at his workplace, was carried out. carried out in the middle of the afternoon by the investigators, reveals Le Figaro. < /p>

To understand how such a seizure could have been made, a source close to the case indicated: &agrav; our colleagues from Figaro that an investigation had previously taken place. “To search the home of an elected official, there must be tickets,” she explained. The Auxerre prosecutor has made numerous comments. in this sense ensuring that "this operation was é well prepared in advance by the investigators who have been working on this case for several weeks. The magistrate also clarified that that the guards &agrav; view can be extended up to 96 hours in drug cases.

During the operation, other homes in addition to that of the mayor of Avallon were raided. screwed. 75 gendarmes from the Gendarmerie Research Brigade and the Avallon Gendarmerie Surveillance and Intervention Platoon were mobilized, with sniffer dogs and a reinforcement of the Dijon research section. This action is part of the continuity  others, carried out in recent weeks as part of the "XXL net space" aiming à stem drug trafficking in the territory. Since March 18, these actions which took place across the country Lille, Lyon, Marseille and even Clermont-Ferrand led to the arrest of at least 1,738 people, the seizure of 150 kilos of drugs and 2 .4 million euros.

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