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The mayoress of Sherbrooke temporarily withdraws from his functions

Official Facebook page of Évelyne Beaudin Saying she wants to avoid “a state of exhaustion […] too difficult to overcome”, Évelyne Beaudin writes that she ” cannot and does not wish to identify a particular cause for this work stoppage.

The mayor of Sherbrooke, Évelyne Beaudin, announced Monday that she was suspending her municipal activities for an indefinite period, on the advice of her doctor.

In a message to Sherbrooke residents on her Facebook page, Mayor Beaudin writes that this break recommended by her doctor seems “judicious at this time”, because she wants to avoid “a state of exhaustion which would be too important and too difficult to overcome” .

Ms. Beaudin writes that she “cannot and does not wish” to identify a particular cause for this work stoppage. She adds that being mayor “is both the most extraordinary and the most difficult thing that has happened” in her life.

It is the deputy mayor, Raïs Kibonge, who will exercise the powers of the mayor in the absence of Ms. Beaudin, indicates Éric Sévigny, Director General of the City, in a press release.

Mr. Sévigny adds that the municipal council and the city administration “continue to work together to ensure that this change does not have an impact on services to the population.”

The Councilor Laure Letarte-Lavoie will also assume the presidency of the City's executive committee during the absence of Mayor Beaudin.

“It is possible that you have seen me in recent days in public activities or private and that you thought I looked good,” wrote Mayor Beaudin in her message to Sherbrooke residents. “That may have been the case, however, we must never forget that in politics, we are more often than not in situations that require us to perform. »

Évelyne Beaudin, an economist by training, was elected municipal councilor in Sherbrooke in 2017. During the following elections, in 2021, she ran for town hall and defeated the outgoing mayor, Steve Lussier, but also a “star candidate”, former minister and provincial Liberal MP Luc Fortin.

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