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The most powerful version of Google Bard is coming, but there may be one condition

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While Google already offers its Bard chatbot to the general public, it plans to launch a more powerful version called Bard Advanced. At the moment it is not known when this product will be available. But according to an article published by the site 9to5Google, which relays a source on X (former Twitter), the launch could be imminent.

Indeed, this source (bedros_p) indicates that he discovered references to Bard Advanced in Google's code. And this suggests that the improved version of Bard is already ready and is currently in the testing phase.

Unfortunately, this same source indicates that access to Bard Advanced may not be free. Indeed, he spotted a text which could be used by Google to offer free access to Bard Advanced for the first three months. And after these three months, it is possible that this advanced version of the chatbot will become chargeable. Otherwise, this source on X also indicates that Google could reserve access to Bard Advanced for Google One users. As a reminder, this is Google's online storage offer, which also provides access to a VPN.

An equivalent of ChatGPT Plus ?

For the moment, all this information should be considered with caution, pending the official announcement from Google. But it seems, according to this information, that Google is inspired by the OpenAI economic model. As a reminder, it offers ChatGPT for free, but also offers a paid subscription called ChatGPT Plus which gives access to its most efficient model: GPT-4.

As a reminder, Google is currently using a new AI model called Gemini, which it presented in December. And this model is available in three versions: Gemini nano, Gemini Pro and Gemini Ultra. Gemini Ultra is the most powerful version of this model. And it is this version that will be used by Bard Advanced.

“Gemini Ultra is our largest and most capable model, designed for highly complex tasks and designed to quickly understand and act on different types of information , including text, images, audio, video, and code. One of the first ways to try Gemini Ultra is to use Bard Advanced, a new cutting-edge AI experience in Bard that gives you access to our best models and abilities”, Sisi announced Hsiao, vice president responsible for Google Assistant and Bard. But before officially launching Gemini Ultra and Bard Advanced, Google must first complete security checks.

  • Google is preparing to launch Bard Advanced, a more powerful version of its competitor ChatGPT
  • A source on X suggests that access to this powerful tool may not be not be free
  • Bard Advanced will build on Gemini Ultra, the most powerful version of Google's Gemini model

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