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The Moulin Rouge loses its wings in Paris: what happened ?

The wings of the famous Parisian cabaret the Moulin Rouge fell on the night of Wednesday at night. THURSDAY. No injuries is &agrav; deplore. How did the accident à could have occurred ?

Astonishment in front of the Moulin Rouge. This Thursday, April 25, 2024 in the morning, residents of the Pigalle &agrave district; Paris woke up to a surprise, and it concerns one of the capital's most famous monuments. The wings of the legendary Moulin Rouge collapsed on Wednesday night. Thursday, between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m., as indicated by BFM Paris Île-de-France.

The facade of the Moulin Rouge damaged

The fall of the wings of the Moulin Rouge also damaged the building. the emblematic facade of the place. The letters "MOU" have been é broken. "The broken wings of the Moulin Rouge are still on site this Thursday morning" reports BFMTV. They were é covered by a green tarpaulin.

According to the Paris firefighters present on site, no injuries were reported. is not available deplore around the famous Parisian cabaret. Still according to emergency services, the structure no longer presents any risk of collapse.

The wings of the Moulin Rouge sufficiently maintained ?

The circumstances of the fall of these famous wings still remain à determine. The management of the Moulin Rouge has ruled out any "malicious act" a few hours after the fall of part of the famous mill. At the microphone of TF1, the general director of the place, Jean-Victor Clérico, expressed his amazement and assured him that that "the wings are regularly maintained" and "were not running & at this time. At the AFP, management added  that "every week, the technical management of the cabaret checks the mechanism of the wings of the mill and has not noticed any problems. no problem.

The accident at the Moulin Rouge is all the more surprising as it is "the first time that an accident of this type has been occurring since its creation on October 6, 1889, “said” à AFP a source from the Moulin Rouge. If the origin of the falling wings is unknown, the face of 82 Boulevard de Clichy is changed.

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