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The new king of photography has just been named (but you may be disappointed)

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Comparing the cameras of two smartphones, relying solely on the technical sheet and the manufacturers' marketing, can be complicated. But fortunately, consumers can rely on the tests published online, as well as the DXOMARK company ranking. For years, this laboratory has been testing new smartphones, following a precise protocol, in order to rate and classify the different models. And recently, DXOMARK tested Huawei's Pura 70 Ultra.

According to the laboratory, this is the new king of photo and video on mobile, since this ultra high-end model from Huawei has exceeded the score Honor Magic6 Pro, which was at the top of the ranking. More precisely, DXOMARK gives a score of 163 points to the new Huawei model, compared to 158 points to the Honor smartphone.And obviously, it is an almost perfect device for photography and videos, in the eyes of DXOMARK. Indeed, it only notes one flaw: an “uneven user experience when taking videos, due to instabilities and loss of image details, notably in low light.” As a reminder, the laboratory had noted 5 defects on the camera of the Honor Magic6 Pro.

According to our colleagues from 01Net, the Huawei Pura 70 Ultra has a set of three photo sensors on the back:

  • “Wide angle with 50 Mpx sensor, 1-inch type, OIS with sensor shift and pop-out camera
  • Ultra wide angle with 40 MP sensor, F/2.2;
  • Periscope with 50 MP sensor, x3.5 equivalent, OIS.”

A smartphone that arrives with serious handicaps

Unfortunately, if Huawei's Pura 70 Ultra is a real beast when it comes to photos and videos, it has serious handicaps, compared to other smartphones belonging to the same category. First of all, the device uses a less advanced processor, compared to the chips found on the latest iPhones, or on the latest high-end Android models. In addition, because of American sanctions, the Pura 70 Ultra does not have Google services, by default.

Finally, according to our colleagues from Journal du Geek, if this smartphone is offered in France, it would not be compatible with 5G in France (but it is in China).

One more smartphone in addition Chinese

In any case, Huawei has achieved a real feat, by offering a device that dominates the smartphone market in terms of photos and videos, despite American sanctions. As a reminder, these sanctions limit Huawei's access to electronic components, even when these components are not sold by American companies.

But a recent teardown showed that Huawei is less and less dependent on American companies, and on suppliers who must respect the sanctions imposed by Washington. For Reuters, iFixit and TechSearch International analyzed the components of the Huawei Pura Pro. And according to this analysis, compared to previous Huawei flagships, this new generation includes more components from Chinese suppliers.

    < li>Huawei continues its comeback with the high-end Pura 70
  • series of devicesAnd the most expensive model in this series, the Pura 70 Ultra, has just been named king of mobile photo and video by DXOMARK
  • However, if the Huawei Pura 70 Ultra excels in photography and video, it has significant flaws which are linked to American sanctions
  • In any case, Huawei achieves a feat in offering a smartphone with exceptional quality, despite these sanctions
  • In addition, the company is increasingly independent of American technologies

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