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The new ROG Ally X will correct all the flaws of the current model (except the price)

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A year ago almost to the day, Asus unveiled its very first portable video game console, the ROG Ally. A real mini PC running Windows 11 in reality, but integrated into a Nintendo Switch-style chassis, to allow players to find all their favorite games in one place. No streaming here, but a powerful console, capable of running the latest PC games in their best light (or almost).

Asus unveils the future of its ROG Ally

If the ROG Ally has real qualities, the small machine developed by Asus also suffered from various teething flaws. Firstly, it is the software part, with Windows 11, which very (too) quickly shows its limits here. But beyond this purely software grievance, it was the autonomy which suffered, with a charge varying from 55 minutes to approximately 3 hours 30.

A few months later, Asus launched a new Z1 version of its ROG Ally (which we don't recommend), but a few hours ago, the company announced its future machine& nbsp;: the ROG Ally ~

The new ROG Ally X will correct all the flaws of the current model (except the price)

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As a result, we will find the same 1080p LCD screen, still with the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme chip on board. The power can vary from 9 to 30W, but Asus promises to have reworked the autonomy of this new version. Concretely, the group is aiming for between 30 and 40% more autonomy, thanks to optimization and a larger battery.

Asus also promises to have corrected the overheating of his ROG Ally, the same one which tended to fry the microSD port of the machine. The ROG Ally Please note that this future version X will also be compatible with M.2 2280 SSDs, and should see its RAM (16 GB on the base model) extended. ~Finally, in terms of looks, the ROG Ally X will stand out very clearly from the two models currently available, thanks to its new black dress. Asus also promises various adjustments to the directional cross, but also to the joysticks, triggers and handles.

The new ROG Ally X will correct all the flaws of the current model (except the price)

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The downside is that this ROG Ally X has not been revealed, and that the latter will benefit from a complete official presentation on June 2, in the framework of Computex 2024. It now remains to know its release date and its price, knowing that the latter will not replace the current ROG Ally (and that it will therefore be more expensive than the high-end model, displayed at €699).

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