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The Nintendo Switch 2... with magnetic joy-cons ?


It's been (too ?) long years that we've been talking about the Nintendo Switch 2 case. It's obvious that Nintendo is actively preparing the one that will have the heavy task of succeeding the console launched in March 2017, it is impossible to know at this time what the Japanese giant is preparing. In all likelihood, the one we nickname Nintendo Switch 2 should not arrive in our living rooms before the year 2025.

One side “magnetic” for the Nintendo Switch 2 ?

Remember that Nintendo has sold more than 140 million Switches (all models combined) worldwide. This isn't the first time that Nintendo has had this kind of success, but the Japanese giant hasn't always known how to manage the aftermath. #8230; We remember the semi-failure of the Nintendo 64 after a legendary Super Nintendo, but also (and above all ?) the disastrous Nintendo Wii U, after a Wii which broke all records.

Today, according to information relayed by the Spanish media Vandal, we learn that the future Nintendo console could review its joy-con system. Backward compatibility requires, detachable joy-cons will still be there, but Nintendo has opted for a new magnetic attachment system (MagSafe style), instead of plastic rails.

The Nintendo Switch 2... with magnetic joy-cons ?

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For the user, this would allow them to benefit from increased comfort of use, with joy-cons which would then “stick” to the device. in one click on either side of the console. It is also rumored that the joy-cons of the future Nintendo Switch could benefit from a slightly larger size than those used since 2017 by players.

< h2>Components from Nvidia… and Samsung ?

For the rest, the rumors suggest a generally unchanged concept, with a slightly larger screen (and in Full HD ! ), and always the possibility of playing on the go, or via a dock on the Smart TV in the living room. In this way, Nintendo will allow millions of first generation Switch games to be compatible with this Switch 2.

Obviously, the new Nintendo Switch 2 will benefit from a revised technical sheet, to accommodate exclusive games (and which will therefore not be compatible with the first generation of Switch). Note that some believe that the console could finally be launched at the end of the year, with components on board from Nvidia of course, but also Samsung, in terms of the OLED screen, or even internal memory and NAND storage (for cartridges).

However, you will have to wait a little longer to find out everything about this future console “made in Nintendo“, the main party concerned still has not made the slightest official announcement on this subject.

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