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The PLQ proposes less tax for a second job

Photo: Valéraian Mazataud Le Devoir The president of the National Political Commission of the PLQ, André Pratte, speaks of a period where “there are more and more people who have to take a second job to get there.”

Patrice Bergeron – The Canadian Press in Quebec

Published yesterday at 5:25 p.m.

  • Quebec

A liberal government would propose a tax holiday for workers who have two jobs.

This is one of the proposals that appears in the book of resolutions of the General Council of the Liberal Party (PLQ), which will be held in Bromonten at the end of the week.

These meetings of the PLQ will largely focus on the economy, but, unofficially, the race for party leadership will also attract attention.

The Liberals want to offer a tax holiday to people with two jobs to allow them to cope with inflation, as we can read in their resolution book.

Thus , in the calculation of employment, the income from the second job would not be added to the total income from the first job, to avoid moving to higher tax brackets.

“It is perhaps a question of tax fairness that we must look at carefully”, in a period where “the figures show that there are more and more people who have to take a second job to get by” , explained the president of the National Political Commission of the PLQ, André Pratte, in an interview with The Canadian Press on Thursday.

This measure would cost the Quebec Treasury $202 million, according to an estimate from the Montreal Economic Institute cited by the PLQ.

The resolution will have to be debated and adopted this weekend before becoming part of the official program.

Rapid return to balanced budget

Among other resolutions, a liberal government would propose a plan to return to budget balance from the first year of its mandate in 2026-2027.

Remember that the CAQ government is forecasting a record deficit of $11 billion this year and the Liberals have continued to accuse it of having squandered the surpluses left to it by the previous Couillard government.

The Liberals also want to launch a 2023 national housing strategy.

Thus, in order to accelerate the construction of new units, the PLQ proposes in particular to invalidate municipal regulations which currently prohibit forms of “gentle densification”. The party also suggests setting up an infrastructure fund dedicated to housing.

Also, the Liberals would aspire to abolish interprovincial barriers in hand mobility -work in construction and extend the notion of versatility in the trades, all in order to increase the rate of construction.

In another vein, the PLQ wishes to cancel the increase in tuition fees for students outside Quebec established by the CAQ government at the end of last year.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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