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The price of Tesla Model 3, Model S and Model X drops: here are the prices for April 2024

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After a phase of frequent price adjustments allowing Teslas, Model 3 in particular, to fall under the threshold giving access to the ecological bonus, the manufacturer is this time making price changes in many markets – with the aim, it seems, of more summarily stimulating its sales and production in its factories.

Thus, at the end of April 2024, the electric vehicle brand is significantly lowering the price of the Model 3, Model S and Model X, between 2,000 and 3,000 euros across all these ranges, which we can already see on the manufacturer's official website. The price of Model Y does not change.

Discover the reduced prices for Tesla Model 3, Model S and Model X (April 2024)

Number 1 in sales, we especially expected Tesla to take care of the entry ticket represented by the Model 3. And from this point of view customers are served with a discount of 3%. 000€ which follows a reduction of 4€000 announced last month to compensate for the end of eligibility for the ecological bonus.

Thus the Model 3 Propulsion sees its selling price fall below €40,000 – which is quite exceptional in this category of vehicles. A discount could be applied to other variants like the Ludicrous model but the info was not available at the time of writing.

At the top of the range, the Model S (the largest SUV) and the Model X also benefit from significant discounts. Even if, inevitably, we are talking about cars intended for incomparably larger budgets. The impact on sales should therefore undoubtedly be more limited for these comparatively lower production volumes.

Finally let's finish on the intermediate Model Y whose price does not change after a price increase in Europe last month. The situation is paradoxical to say the least since the brand has on the contrary applied reductions on this model in the United States. So, is now a good time to buy a Tesla ?

Here is the latest Tesla price list available at the end of April 2024 in France:

  • Model 3 Propulsion : from 39 990 € (-3 000 € )
  • Model 3 Long Range : from €48,990 (-€2,000)
  • Model S Dual Motor& nbsp;: from €92,990 (-€2,000)
  • Model S Plaid: from 107 990 € (=)
  • Model >Model >Model Y Propulsion: from 44 990 € (=)
  • Model Y Long Range Propulsion: from 46 990 € (=)
  • Model Y Long Range: from 51 990& nbsp;€ (=)
  • Model Y Performance: from 57 990 € (=)

Are these prices enough to convince you to take the plunge ? Share your feedback in the comments of this article !

  • Tesla announces almost general price reductions on its ranges of electric cars.
  • The reduction goes up to €2,000 on Model 3 but the other variants are far from being outdone.
  • Everything indicates that Tesla is seeking to re-stimulate production in its factories so the sector of electric cars are currently experiencing a slump.
  • Only the price of Model Y is not changing.

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