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The price of the electric Renault 5 may (unfortunately) disappoint you

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Will Renault really be able to keep its bet of selling a mainstream electric R5 for €25,000 as promised?? The diamond brand has just opened orders for its reissue of the cult model. And the least we can say is that the first prices are steep. The cheapest entry ticket is currently €33,490. Our colleagues from Automobile Propre, however, suggest that cheaper models will be offered after this first salvo – allowing the brand to more easily cover its costs with margins reduced to a minimum.

So first place for the most nostalgic fans of the model – with in these versions variants with an extended range of 410 km (WLTP)– powered by a 52 kWh battery pack and a 150 hp motor. On the charging side, these models are equipped with a standard three-phase alternative charger up to 11 kWh – also featuring fast direct current charging up to 100 kWh for times reduced to a minimum on compatible terminals.

Renault opens orders for the most advanced versions most high-end of the electric R5

To this are added the most high-end finishes. We thus have the two most expensive variants with the following prices and standard features:

  • Renault R5 Techno – 33€490 excluding bonus:
    • 18 inch rims.
    • Automatic high beams.
    • Lane keeping assistance.
    • Traffic sign recognition.
    • Adaptive cruise control.
    • Monitoring driver attention.
    • Front/rear parking assist.
    • Rear view camera.
    • 10-inch instrumentation.
    • Open R Link multimedia system with Google services on 10-inch touchscreen.
    • Inductive smartphone charger.
    • Auto air conditioning
    • Charging indicator “5&amp ;#8221; on the hood.
  • Renault R5 Iconic Cinq – 35€490 excluding bonus:
    • Characteristics of the R5 Techno.
    • Two-tone paint.
    • Heated steering wheel and front seats.
    • Hands-free parking.
    • Blind Spot Monitoring.
    • Side Park Assist.
    • Semi-autonomous driving level 2.

What options are available ?

The brand offers a series of options to personalize your model in addition to the five colors available. Among these options we find:

  • V2L adapter (reverse charging for the Techno version): €400.
  • Pack advance driving ( level 2 autonomous driving for the Techno version): €1,000.
  • Home charging cable: €400.
  • Harman/Kardon premium audio pack: €600.

< h2>How to order your R5 ?

Renault customers who do not have a reservation (R Pass) risk being left wanting more&nbsp ;: they will not have priority and will have to wait until the end of January 2025 to drive their new R5. For others, for any order until May 30, you can expect delivery during December.

Of course, we are still waiting for the delivery date. orders open for the cheapest variants of the electric R5 range. The latter must be equipped with a 40 kWh battery of lower capacity, delivering a range of 300 km, all with two 95 hp or 120 hp engines.

A priori these models will not be offered before 2025. The brand has promised a starting price from €25,000, but for the moment it is impossible to know whether Renault will be able to strictly honor this promise. At the time of writing, only a French brand electric car is available below the €30,000 mark.

It's&# This is the electric Citroën ë-C3, available from €23,300.

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  • Renault opens orders for the electric R5, but starting prices are higher than expected, starting at €33.490.
  • The first Available versions are the high-end Techno and Iconic Cinq models, with an extended range of 410 km.
  • Cheaper models, with a range of 300 km, will not be not available before 2025 and their starting price remains uncertain.

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