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The price of this fuel is in free fall, something not seen in almost a year

One of the fuels most used by French motorists is on display this week. a price never seen in ten months.

A few weeks before the main summer period, many motorists are closely monitoring fuel prices. It must be said that filling up is pretty darn expensive since the liter flirted with two euros, a (bad) habit for about two years and the outbreak of war in Ukraine. At this rate, the cost of a journey of 500 or 600 kilometers to go on vacation, including motorway tolls, easily exceeds 100 euros. Good news for the French, these last few weeks have seen fuel prices decline significantly throughout the country, even if there are significant differences ;s still exist between the regions and the service stations.

Among the fuels offered the pump, one however experiences a more significant drop than the others. Yet no longer at all à fashion – after having dominated the world the market of the automobile for around fifteen years at the beginning of the century -, diesel has seen its price plummet over the past month to the point of ;#39;have decreased on average 8 cents per liter over the last four weeks. The difference on a full tank of 40 liters carried out Mid-April and mid-May are therefore at a high temperature. more than 3 euros. But the gap is even bigger if we go back a little further.

On May 10, 2024, a liter of diesel sold for an average of 1.71 euros at service stations in France. Never this year has its price been higher than before. that low. We also have to go back ten months, end of July 2023, to find trace of a price lower than what it is today (1.70). If we compare the price of a liter of diesel sold today with that at the beginning of last fall – which had reached an average of 1.94 euros – the difference reached 23 cents! Owners of cars running on diesel can only rejoice since it is equivalent to around 10 euros on a single full tank.

Destiny és à die à small fires due to environmental concerns and government incentives to promote electric vehicles and gasoline engines. cleaner gasoline, diesel vehicles are however still the majority in the French vehicle fleet (around 50%). But with the shift towards the electrification of vehicles, manufacturers are increasingly abandoning diesel engines to the point that today sales of new electric vehicles are higher than that of those of vehicles running on diesel. While waiting to be completely replaced, diesel cars are still in the hands of millions of French drivers in 2024. Motorists who must cross their fingers that this ;price decline continues as long as possible.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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