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The prices of these supermarket products are inflated, here's how to pay less

In supermarkets, many products are offered in “maxi” format. or family. Is it really interesting?? Beware of scams.

When you're shopping, you're sure to have something to do with it. looking for promotions to lower the price of your basket. Since March 1, 2024, supermarkets can no longer carry out promotions beyond that. of 34% on beauty, hygiene and maintenance products. So, perhaps you have thought about it?  à fall back on family formats. By their size and their red headband, they attract the eye but will you really get a good deal by buying them ? Like shrinkflation, i.e. the reaction ;reduction of the format without change in price or even cheapflation, reduction in quality; for the same amount paid, the "maxi" or family can be a trap.

60 million consumersgave a concrete example with a sachet of Lotus wipes purchased in a Leclerc. Individually, the sachet of 42 wipes is offered. &agrav; 1.79 euros. A family pack is also available with 80 wipes. However, the price is more than twice as expensive since it goes up to 100%. 3.99 euros. If you buy two unit packs of wipes, you get 84 for the price of 3.58 euros, or 41 cents less for four more wipes. The choice is therefore made quickly and the family offer is then of no interest to the consumer.

This phenomenon had already occurred. été denounced by Foodwatch last April. "Maxi format" , "lot x2" , the association had called for &agrav; the greatest caution. She had pinned it. no less than 12 products for which large formats were not at all a good deal. For example, there were Pépitos with a 25% increase when sold in sets of two. The Fleury Michon chicken was, for its part, more expensive by 11% between 150g and 250g or even cans of coke sold in packs of eight would be more profitable than packs of coke. 12. According to Foodwatch, the big brands have tried to to justify itself by putting the blame on "the low price war" and therefore on competition. 

This process on large product formats therefore seems persistent despite the previous warnings. Thus, it appears essential to compare prices across the world. the unit with the prices of family packs so as not to fall into the trap. Look carefully at the labels of the unit products and take out your calculator to be sure that the maxi or family package will be much more advantageous. Of course, it takes time but you will surely pay less in the end and you will not be cheated, even by a few cents.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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