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The Samsung Galaxy Ring will know what's in your fridge

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While we have already seen the Galaxy Ring on Samsung's stand at MWC, the Korean manufacturer's ring has been eyeing us for a while now. When rumors started about it, this little technological device intrigued us to the highest degree.

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It is probably the most anticipated wearable in recent years, and this new information given by a Korean media comes to stir up even more our interest in Samsung ring.

What can Samsung ring do ?

The Galaxy Ring is designed to be more comfortable than a smartwatch, by having the possibility of wearing it day and night without it hindering the movements of its wearer.

As for its functionalities, it is of course mainly used to take measurements regarding the health of its user, such as analyzing heart rate, number of steps taken during the day, sleep analysis data, blood oxygen saturation, and potentially features related to physical activity.

Only, the e point which will greatly distinguish the Samsung ring from the competition according to rumors, is the integration of an NFC chip. As you will have understood, this could therefore be used to pay through the ring, and we also hope one day to integrate a public transport pass like the Navigo for example. An element that would be particularly practical in this format.

A true revolution in the field of health

The Samsung Galaxy Ring will know what's in your fridge

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And that's not all, because according to the Korean media Chosun Biz, the Samsung ring could also use the data and analyze it to then offer personalized nutritional advice.

Linked to Samsung Food, the ring would be particularly capable of proposing to its bearer of revenue. Where this completely becomes the future is that it would apparently be possible to link everything to the Samsung ecosystem like the brand's refrigerators, so that you can be suggested options. recipes with what's inside.

Given that along with sleep and physical activity, nutrition is a real pillar of health, Samsung's watch could here offer a solution worthy of a nutritionist so that the user has Olympic form. If these rumors turn out to be true, it would make the ring of Samsung an essential element in the life of modern man.

Response to Samsung's next Unpacked regarding its folding smartphone models, where the Galaxy Ring should also make a notable arrival.

  • The Samsung Galaxy Ring is a connected ring that will be used to collect various data to assess the health of its wearer.
  • According to Korean media Chosun Biz, in addition to all its health features, the ring could be a real nutrition coach, offering recipes adapted to the user. By using a connected Samsung refrigerator, it would also be possible for these recipes to be generated with its contents.
  • The Galaxy Ring should be fully presented at the next Samsung event Unpacked which will be largely dedicated to the launch of its folding smartphones, and which should take place next July.

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