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The sand from the Sahara is coming, here is the mistake to avoid so as not to damage your car

Cleaning sand from a car requires some important precautions to avoid damaging the bodywork.

Temperatures exceeding 20 degrees at the start of April, that's it! which makes you want to rejoice. Except that the weather forecast for the weekend is now up to date. coming will not only make people happy. They even risk driving many motorists to despair. Because the wave of hot air coming from Africa and expected in France & starting Saturday is not going to come by itself. It will bring with it sand, a lot of sand, coming directly from the Sahara desert. The phenomenon, already observed in the south-east of France a few days ago, will this time become widespread over a large part of the territory. If the passage of the sky from blue à the orange gives it a natural side. somewhat apocalyptic, it is above all the deposit of infinite grains of sand on the ground which makes one think of the end of the world.

Because if the forecasts are confirmed, there are millions of French people who will find themselves with a dirty car with bad condition. the weekend outing. No matter the color of your vehicle, light or dark, the sand will temporarily yellow the bodywork. Problem, such as in clothes after a day of wear. the beach, the sand is particularly sticky and gets stuck almost everywhere. Don't expect it to go away on its own, and even a downpour won't rid your vehicle of all the grit ;especially since the rain also risks being loaded with sand…hellip; To prevent him from attacking your the bodywork, it is strongly recommended not to wait too long before washing your car. But be careful, there are some rules to follow. know absolutely before cleaning a stuck vehicle.

The sand from the Sahara is coming, here is the mistake to avoid so as not to damage your car

First, don't take the easy route, either. know how to rush into an automatic car wash equipped with rollers. The ten euros spent could in fact cost you a lot more because the rollers do not get along well with the sand. Their friction with the grains on the bodywork is likely to cause scratches on the paint or even on the windows. And there to repair the damage, the bill to the bodybuilder risks being very steep. The best way to get rid of sand on a car is to clean it with a jet or water jet. the house, but there also certain gestures are &agrav; banish. The sponge and cloth, usually effective in removing traces of dirt, will move the grains and also cause scratches on the paint. So how to do it ?

The solution is to use a jet of water, if possible with strong pressure, to remove all the grains of sand stuck to the car. You should not hesitate to pay attention to all parts of the vehicle, including the bottom and the wheels. The pressure of the water will remove all the sand and restore the sand to the surface. your car its original color. One last recommendation for the road: always think ahead. keep a certain distance from your vehicle when using an air jet. high pressure so as not to damage… its paint or door seals. That would be nerd.

Teilor Stone

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